March 16, 2010


Being the only girl with four brothers, I really don't know where to start.. But thanks to Ate Sheryl whose been a text away, every question that I have for my little angel, she's off to rescue me.. Thanks Ate She! :) You're the best!

Also with the wide information given by the internet you tend to know what's happening inside that belly :) I am excited and nervous at the same time, after every visit to my OB-GYNE, I feel relieved whenever she says the baby's good, and I am good too ;) So far, from my 1st trimester's ultrasound, Me and the Husband can't take off our smile from our faces, we're so thankful having our little angel..

And now, feeling his/her heartbeat was overwhelming.. I can't help but cry whenever the Husband talks to our baby in my belly, he's so sweet. And he speaks in english, which makes me laugh. I told him, when our baby goes out he/she either speaks bisaya or ilokano. Laughs :)

When my 4th month comes in, less nausea, less morning sickness which actually I seldom encounter.. I don't crave for anything unusual, but since I got pregnant, I started loving fruits, not that I should eat them, but whenever I'm at the grocery, I go for greens and fruits, I don't get much sweets, maybe baby knows its not good for us, thanks baby :)

And now to lessen my boredom and being so laaaaaazy, Me and the Husband started buying whities.. We don't know the gender yet so, we'll start from here.. :)

Every morning, I look at these stack of whities and smile and pray.. How life is so good to us, and how Jesus blessed us.. :)

Most of our relatives said, that our baby might be a girl, cause I look like I'm not pregnant *daw* ahihihih.. Pero whenever I see myself sa mirror, I'm getting bigger and bigger na.. Good thing, I havent gain that much weight, my OB said, it's okay to eat what I want as long as it is in moderation, which I totally agree naman :)

For now, I'm enjoying being my Husband's queen *Laughs*. Every night, I got a legs and back massage, not to mention listening to classical music together with the baby and, and, and before going to sleep? COCOA BUTTER all over my belly. I like :) Haha..

That's all for now..
I'll update more - SOON :)

PS: I miss my JOLOGS family :) Love you all..


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