April 21, 2013

Travis' First Week at School

Travis is a big boy now, a toddler. I should admit that. At 2 years and 8 month old, the babydaddy and I decided to enroll him in a summer class for Toddlers where we got Reading, Writing and Math as his subjects for now. 

He's a good boy, I was with him the whole time and being a strong and independent boy I know (just like his Dad) he survived his first day (and eventually his first week) which made me so proud of. 

He's taking baby(toddler) steps to be with kids his age, both boys and girls too, and we think he'll go well.
His summer class lasts until May 15, from there we thought of looking for other pre-school for him for school year 2013-2014, and I don't think I'm ready, yet. 

Oh, did I say I bought him one set of uniform. Well, I wanna make him feel how to be a real student with uniform, it suits him well and he likes it. 

April 5, 2013


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