January 8, 2012

If The Shoe Fits, Do the Peace Sign

He knows shoes, and hates the Velcro part on the strap. The moment you tell him to choose what shoe he wants to wear, he'll open his shoe cabinet and grab two to three shoe (of different kinds) and when he got to wear them, he'll dance. I don't know, maybe he sees his Dad doing that. Sorry Daddy Jason, I burst out your talent -- dancing it is. Haha! Oh, there's something about shoes. 

Then just the other night, a shoe I ordered online came. It's customized to my size. Thank God for them, thanks DAS Shoes! And since the toddler boy and I were bored, we tried them out (his and his shoe) and Dad took some pictures of us, enjoying our new shoes. 

And did I say he knows how to make a peace sign? Yes, he does! 
So we did - both. Kyot! 


Thanks for your time


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