December 26, 2011

A Christmas Greeting

It's already a day pass Christmas, still the holiday feast and warmness is yet won't like to leave. And since we're all busy, we run late sending out our greeting..


Here's from the Alconcel Family to Yours.

Now, we count down to the New Year! It's 2012! Cheers!

December 18, 2011

Note to Santa

A note:

Hey Santa, is it really 7 days to go before Christmas Day? It was fast. Of course, we're excited for this day, especially Mom, you see I can participate in opening my gifts, unlike last year I was soundly asleep while they exchange gifts. And know what, Daddy is here, he decided to stay with us for the Holidays. For now, I won't be thinking about what will happen next Christmas, all I know is I have Mommy, Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa, relatives, cousins and friends -- my whole family to spend it with, so that spell perfect, not to mention I get to open gifts too. 

Oh, Santa thanks for giving me this candies, I shared it with my Ate Tin, Mommy and Daddy - we liked it. 

Lastly Santa, I wanna know what's your Christmas wish?

Note from:
Travis (translated by Mom)

December 10, 2011

At Your Side

I' I thank my friend Mommy Denise for sharing this site.

He doesn't want to hold hand anymore, 
As if he wants to explore the jungle (read WORLD) on his own. 

Sorry little boy, Daddy and Mommy will always be here, holding you tight, side by side..

until our thick hair turns gray.

Happy Saturday everyone! 
15 days to go before Christmas, have you prepared your menu for Noche Buena? I did.

December 5, 2011

I Always Have The BEST Birthday (Part Two)

Since my birthday started BEST, I had my energy to fill up my whole day. Cooked, ordered some and prepared our lunch.

The Husband and I had breakfast. Since the grocery opens at 830am, we waited. I look like a hungry hippo here. Excuse me..

And here's what happened next..

I had two cakes, a 1 mile Black Velvet Cake from Conti's and Carrot Cake (with walnuts, yum!) from Fleur De Lys.. Thanks to my nephew, Shyan.

And gifts from Mom, My sis-in-laws, Hubs, niece Mynjel and Travis and my Bes, Sof.

My family.

Spot my bestfriend! I miss her.

And Manong Sorbetero is here.

I had a blast, I wanna thank everyone who SMS'd, send PM, tweets, DM'd, BBM'd, posted on my FB wall, even emailed ( and everything in between) to send their greetings and made a wish in my behalf. I pray that God would bless everyone of you as He blesses me and my family. I am 27, full of happiness, love and blessed. I am forever grateful. 

While the Husband and I were planning to go out on a date, we changed our mind, since we don't wanna leave Travis, we stayed home, opened a vodka cruiser for me and JD for him and we know, we're all good. 

I Always Have The BEST Birthday (Part One)


That Saturday morning, I woke up with these in our bed..

The best birthday card!

from my little boy, Travis..

Right then, I knew that I'll have the best-est birthday ever.. What next? Read part two.


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