February 29, 2012

Happy Four Years SisterArt!

Being 'the party planner' in the family, finding for a supplier whom you can trust is somewhat tricky, but thanks to the magic world of multiply, I get to meet the two sisters behind SisterArt - Rica and Kim, I first then ordered 100 pieces of cupcakes (October2008) for my Dad's 70th and Kuya Ryan's birthday party.

And that's where it all started, whenever there's a celebration there's SisterArt!

My Parents 42nd Wedding Anniversary

Then Jason and AJ's double graduation celebration

Jason's birthday - Beach and Surfing themed Cake and Cupcakes

And I got married, SisterArt was there too!
* Kim, I and my BFF Sofie

At my baby shower..

At Fei's and my nephew Gabriel's 1st birthday

And just recently at my Aunt and Uncle's 77th Birthday Party.

And I just can't wait for more. There's always a place for SisterArt in my family special occasions.

Thank you so much to sisters Kim and Rica for SisterArt, you make our imaginations edible and sweet and yummy and everything! We wish you more years to celebrate. God bless! We love you and your creations, promise! 

Oh, and as they celebrate their 4 years, they're giving away 4 gift certificates worth P1000 each  which can be use for online orders, isn't that sweet? And it's easy to join just visit their site at Multiply - or  their FB page at and pick out your favorite SisterArt creations, post it on their wall's profile with a greeting then that's one entry. For more info, click here. You better hurry, deadline is on Kim's birthday - March 2, Friday. 

You can always check out SisterArt's creations at



Okay, just now am thinking of what's the next event to plan. :) 

February 25, 2012

February 22, 2012

He Does it Better

I have a secret to tell you, am a bit jealous with fashion bloggers, they can wear almost anything from anywhere and looks great, just fashion worthy. And since I think I can't do it, am letting Travis do it. 

And he does it good, right? He got it from his Daddy, who competes for modelling acts way way back his school days. 

Hmmmmm, we'll see if he will follow his Dad's footsteps. Only smaller ones, I think.

And I just remember, it's official, it's already a week ago, he's still under medications, but doing great, rashes were almost gone. Thank God. 

February 21, 2012

Scarlet Fever

It was Wednesday of last week, around 4:00pm when Travis' Yaya sms'd me about his condition, she said, he's cranky, and he's crying and feverish at 40° C, rand itchy rashes all over his body, actually the fever itself started Tuesday. by the time I got her message we were still at the office (read: Antipolo) and our home  was in Quezon City almost an hour or more travel during rush hour, right then we (with the Husband, my officemate and Dad, Mom and Sis-in-law) left. Upon arrival at 5:30pm, we checked his temperature and got 39° C , we then decided to take Travis to the hospital, arrived at the ER by 6:00pm, he got his vitals checked and yes, he got fever, I was asked of all the details the doctors and nurses needed, after blood was extracted and tested, and as they trace the start of the fever, he got his first IV and right then Travis' Pedia Dra. Ortega decided that he'll be admitted, it's like the world stopped, as tears were about to drop, I realized that they know what's better and best so I'll count on them, at 9:00pm we were in room 529. 

Every second, every minute and hour, we're praying for him, morning came, fever was down. Am amazed. but not until by afternoon, he was feverish again at 39°. And diagnosed to have Scarlet Fever. Whew! 

Honestly I don't want to remember those days. I hate that feeling. Though I learned so many things, aside from Travis for being a good boy, that every four hours, he'll wake up to the door knock so they could check his temperature, give his medicine and check his IV. Heart-breaking weekend, but I understand I have to get through all this, hopefully this is the last for now, I'm not ready for the next. 

Last night and last morning at the hospital. Am gonna miss the view, just the view.

Day of discharge was the grandest day, he had Jell-o treat from his nurse for being a good boy. And I take this part as I thank St. Luke's Medical Center Nurses Grace, Jobelle, Roubelle, Izzah, Khrystal, Leeya,  Doctors - Doc Bernardino, Doc Joyce, Doc Bryan, specially Dra Ortega for taking care of my little boy. He may be (now) aloof with Nurses and Doctors in white suits, but at least, he's okay, he's back in *play-mode* And thank you to our relatives and friends who dropped by, called and sms'd us asking about Travis. All of these are appreciated from my family to yours. Big heartfelt Thank you and we all love you.

February 14, 2012

I Love You -- My Everyday

Let me share to you why I love my everyday, and so everyday for me is Hearts Day! 

I Love You! 
Nahigugma ko nimo! (Bisaya)
Wo ai ni (Manderin) 
Je t'aime (French)
Ti amo (Italian) 
Mahal Kita / Iniibig Kita (Filipino) 
Ayayatenka (Ilocano)
Te vĂ²gio ben (Venetian) 
Taim i' ngra leat (Irish) 

Happy Valentines Day to All!
Happy Hearts Day to All! 
Love your everyday.

February 12, 2012

Every 12th of the Month

We (still) celebrate it every 12th with either a piece of cake, sometimes a whole cake, it isn't bad anyway.

So today marks Travis' 1 year and 6 month. 
Happy Birth Day Travis! 
And I just think that it was too fast. 

And that every days in between made me realize I'm still a student to being a Mother, am still learning and I'm okay with that all, embracing those times I get to spend with him now that I'm officially a working mom, that means there's only two whole days I get to be with him, yes sad. That's why everyday I see to it the Husband and I goes home early as possible, my everyday isn't bad, after all I can bring him to work any time I want. 

Oh hey, it's 2 days before Valentines Day and my Parent's 45th wedding anniversary, I'm (or I may say we, together with my 4 brothers) were accustomed not celebrating V-day on it's day. We spend it everyday. Yes, everyday! Do you have a date? Me? I date him ( and the baby daddy) everyday. Try it. *wink

Travis at 6 months 02142011

Now, this got me thinking, what's happening on the 14th?


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