April 30, 2012

Everyday Instagram!

Everyday I'm on Instagram! I'm sharing at sarahalconcel, I wanna see more.

Since Travis knows how to smile on the camera - this app is very much useful now.

April 16, 2012


Every morning he goes to our village's playground with his cousins and Yaya Tin. Last Saturday, I get the chance to go with them since yaya is on a weekend-off, I was amazed how he calls neighbors by name, how he cheers and shouts "ibble, toot" (dribble, shoot) to the Kuyas playing basketball. He knows how to raise his hand, and down he goes on the slide. 

Definitely, he will grow up in this playground. He love it there, he thinks he owns it too.

I had a busy, long Monday but coming home to this little boy, makes me look forward to weekends with my little family. Little huh.

Happy and great week ahead all!

How I miss blogging/sharing/caring, most of all spending time to read blogs of Moms who inspire me the most. I'll update my links so I can read on my way to work. And you, thank you for reading/visiting me here. See you around.

April 11, 2012

Beach Mode: ON!

Last weekend, we had our trip to the beach, the much-awaited family trip. When Travis saw the swimming pool, he said "ming-ming" with that he then mimics the motion of swimming. The last time we're at the beach was last year, and he was 9 months young then..

But all of his reaction was the same 11 months ago here, he enjoyed the water, might be in the pool or at the beach. He even sleep-talk about "ming-ming" on our way home.

 By this time then, I was introducing beach sand to him, I hand him some, but said: "No-no", maybe because the sand's color or maybe he's scared. Still he sat on my lap and enjoy the water, just so he won't touch the sand. Clever.

"Mama, sand!" he says

"Ma, kanin, chicken." He got it, after seeing him with this face.

And hey, after lunch he wets himself so we can swim again, what an excuse, honeybunch! 

We just spent one afternoon at the beach, but it was worth all the minutes! I know it's just the start of our summer trips, there's gonna be more, right Husband? ;) 

Where have you been since summer starts? Share some places you've been to, I'm scouting for places to go with my little family, even bigger if time permits. 

Thank you summer for times like these. But please don't get any hotter. :) 

April 4, 2012

On Potty Training

Every day, I wake up at 7am, off to work at 8am after an hour we'll reach workplace. That's the only time I get to think about everything not work related. (and yes, sorry for lack of post, busy bee here). One 1-hour-travel-to-work, I thought of when is the real great time for Travis to start on his potty training, as I read, there's no such exact age for potty training, we as Mom / parents should feel if our child is ready. 

I remember one morning, he didn't go far from our bed to do his poop ritual, he just then ask his Daddy to open the door and says "pu-pu". The Husband and I looked at each other, amazed, right then I told him I think we're ready to potty train him. Until now, I'm in search of one great potty trainer, no one needs expensive even complicated one (I saw one with music with it, huh?!) I think a potty trainer with Buzz Lightyear would be great, err best! 

We'll see. 


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