April 16, 2012


Every morning he goes to our village's playground with his cousins and Yaya Tin. Last Saturday, I get the chance to go with them since yaya is on a weekend-off, I was amazed how he calls neighbors by name, how he cheers and shouts "ibble, toot" (dribble, shoot) to the Kuyas playing basketball. He knows how to raise his hand, and down he goes on the slide. 

Definitely, he will grow up in this playground. He love it there, he thinks he owns it too.

I had a busy, long Monday but coming home to this little boy, makes me look forward to weekends with my little family. Little huh.

Happy and great week ahead all!

How I miss blogging/sharing/caring, most of all spending time to read blogs of Moms who inspire me the most. I'll update my links so I can read on my way to work. And you, thank you for reading/visiting me here. See you around.


  1. wow, great memory and very sociable pala sya! :D

  2. Yes indeed. :) Thanks Mommy Chris.

  3. cutesie!!! :-) am excited for my little buddy to be this big na... although super kulit na ngayon at 7mos hehe...

    am bloghopping on mommy blogs... hehe found yours from denisekatipunera... :-) am a new follower. :-) this'll be in my happy blog list! am new in mommyblogging (from travel blog and all hehe), hope you could follow me back. :-) and link me up too? :D thanks sooo much! looking forward for more posts from you. :-)


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