May 26, 2011

Beach Break


This was the break I was waiting for. And it was worth the wait. Beach break that is. Well then who doesn't love the beach, right? I miss this, though the Husband is away, for sure, we'll do this again and again when he comes home.

We headed to Bataan with the De Guzman's and relatives, hit the beach, it was a fine day, thanking Mr. Sun for one great day, everyone was busy playing beach volleyball, cooked and ate lunch, played in the sands with the kids. 

Everyone especially my little Travis and I had so much fun. Will definitely do this again!  


Thank God we we're able to enjoy the sea, sand and shore before typhoon chedeng came..
And I promise more updates.
I miss this.  

May 14, 2011

WBFC #12

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a simple online blogger-helping-blogger weekly meme. It was designed for bloggers to help each other in terms of blog followers either through Google Friend Connect and email subscribers.

Welcome all! Yet, it's another WBFC, and I'm excited to meet new blog friends.. 

You can (also) follow me at 
or click here --> 

Thank you everyone, happy WBFC! 

May 13, 2011

MoMo | Here Comes the Baby!

mommy moments

Due to a busy 2-3 weeks, I seldom update my blog and join Mommy Moments, and now I see to it to contribute mine before I go to bed, time check 12:12am. It's just that I miss other Mom's post as they share their Mommy Moments too. 

Now here's my share for today's Mommy Moments. 

Some pictures of Travis few days after he was born. 

Cozy in his crib , and a little talk with his Daddy (who was about to leave Philippines to work abroad). Yes, the Husband left when Travis was on his 3rd week and will be coming home soon, probably when he turns 45+ weeks. 

He loves the water, just as much as his parents does. And oh, spot the cheeks when he cries, I find it cute, but I can't let him cry that long.

And this picture was taken the night before the Husband left. Cried.

and now..

With bigger thighs, stronger legs to walk with..
With 4 cute teeth. Who smiles and giggles all the time. 
Who knows how to jump and stand alone at 9 months. 
Not to mention thick, curl hair too!

As I see my child's development unfolds in front of me, these are the BEST moments of my life.

May 12, 2011

Thank You Happy Nine..


Today, Travis turns 9 months. Up to this day (until forever), I will be forever thankful for having him. And now I can officially plan for his and his Dad's double birthday celebration. (btw, his Dad's birthday is Aug 13, Travis was born Aug 12) Just amazing, isn't it? I promised the Husband that I'll give him a birthday party this year, because last year we celebrated his birthday at the hospital which he agreed upon. 

And before I get so exciting preparing my two boys' birthday party in 3 months, here's how we celebrated his 9th month earlier today. Aside from the cake, meaty and cheesy spaghetti and fried chicken and cans of sodas.. 


Travis and I had two of the most beautiful persons in the WORLD, Leona and Sofie. I love you both, thanks for sharing this day and spending it with Travis. 




And the day just went well, or should I say perfect --  we laughed, ate, talked, laughed, ate, talked, repeat! It is really a HAPPY 9th MONTH celebration. Cheers to friendship err CAKE to friendship. Love my girls. And hopefully someday we all (#mgateh -- Abhie, Denise, Bhenie, Joanne, Joy, Gena, Donna, Janis, Sofie, Leona and I ) will be together, in one place to celebrate life and friendship. God bless all of us wherever we are.

Now I can say, I have the BEST SISTERssssss! Thank you..

May 11, 2011

Be Cool


I was trying to make a blog entry for an event Travis and I have been to last weekend, but due to whatever it is, I deleted everything after I pasted a photo link. So I ended up seeing this photo, and I smiled, said to myself I can do it again, not today, I'll try again later if not again I'll try it tomorrow and the day after. Am learning the virtue of patience, I really am.  I may had a bad day yesterday but thanks to my loves Leona and bestfriend Sofie for an afternoon talk and eat and eat and eat, my day is saved, not to mention watching Thor in IMAX 3D! Just that I really miss my movie buddy.

Now I don't know if I'm happy that blogger have an save-now option. 
But hey, I still have half of the day, I can still blog, right? Then, please be nice.

May 4, 2011

Lunch Date with Myself

It's okay to have a lunch date with yourself, some may find it unusual or boring or just-a-loners-move. Well for me, I do this once in a while. I date myself, maybe because the Husband is miles away. Or maybe I just want to be alone. This is part of my me-time, often after a massage or a facial. I feel its just me, myself and I. During this time, I get to talk myself, suit myself, dine with myself and I think that's one thing you shouldn't forget. Love yourself, give time for yourself and I personally guarantee you these will love you back.

Have you tried dating yourself?  

May 2, 2011

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 11 [Late Post|

At last, here's my WBFC entry. Sorry for one late post.
 I'll just have to make it up for the next. 

Glad you took time to visit my blog.
Will hop on your blog too.. 

Have a great day all! :) 


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