December 23, 2009


Before we finally say our goodbye to one blessed year 2009..
Me and Jason want to thank everyone who've been part of our blogosphere..

My JOLOGS SOCIETY friends, Ate Joanne, Denise, Abhie, Ibyang, Leona, Tintin, Janis and those I haven't met/added yet, who've been there in every way.. For you all, I gain strength and awakened my womanhood inside :) I never thought I would find SISTERS in all of you.. Thank you for parting your knowledge, everyday life, good or bad.. Because in those little ways you helped me in big time. I am more than thankful to know you all.

My BESTFRIEND Sofie :) who've been there always even if we seldom see each other..

To my BEKS, Mikai and Iza, who works hard kahit medyo we skipped our beach-capades - Miss it na :(

To Ram and Kiko, whom I haven't met but we had *that* connection, I'm not an Ilocano, Jason is, pero kami yata ang nag-click. Hahaha..

To our avid fan, Jheny, sana hindi ka mag-sawa.. Hahaha :)

To our best travel agent turned friend, Anj of, who assisted us on our way to Boracay last June 2009 :) and soon on Feb 2010 at Subic's Hot Air Balloon..

And to everyone, thank you.

These past few weeks, I've been super busy, hosting a Christmas Party, buying and wrapping gifts, setting up our menu for Noche Buena - I'm pretty excited for this good end..

Here's our little Christmas Tree and gifts underneath.

and after all the busy-ness in me, here is what saves my *everyday*

For now..

See you all next year!

December 9, 2009


Last week of November, my pre-birthday celebration, I'm with my family and boyfie at a private pool at Laguna, where it was also a long weekend, so I decided to savour the moment..

It was December 1, 2009, when my Tito Miguel passed away..
I can't think of any celebration at all

December 3, my 25th birthday.. Where we had simple lunch at the office and dinner with boyfie..

Then December 4, we we're at Bataan to spend time with Tito Miguel and his family...

The week that was..
Tiring, sad, grieving and thankful at the same time..

A super-dooper-fast update..

And here is what Jason and I do for the past days - Christmas s/hopping.. Haha! :)

Missing you all..
I promise to update and blog you all about our days - soon!

God bless!

November 29, 2009

Sizzle us, Sizzling Pepper Steak..

Last night while having our midnight coffee and walking around Eastwood, Boyfie and I witnessed an amazing firework show, too bad we don't have phone or digital camera to have it in video, it was nice. I'm so excited to watch the Pyro Olympics next weekend with my family..

Then we we're thinking to try a new resto the next day for lunch..

Where at? Sizzling Pepper Steak..
And shout-out to my beks, Iza with Dale and Mikai with Fel, Nice to see you again :D

Sizzling Pepper Steak is brought to us by the same person behind the Teriyaki Boy chain. It is more or less based on the Japanese chain called "Pepper Lunch". New approach on serving sizzling steaks than the usual on food courts - we likey.. The pepper rice meals are served on hot plates with the meat only slightly cooked. You'll have to finish cooking it yourself before you can eat. After the meat is cooked you're supposed to mix it all together with the rice, and you can add sauces (available on your table) if you wish to make it more flavorful. They're good huh, in service and food too :) Why? Let me take you on our list..

1. Uses STOP RED and MOOOOOOVE signage: Just flip their Moo-flips from Stop (red) to Mooooove (green) and their friendly staff will attend to you.. Fun! :)

2. Their short and easy-to-use menus are 5 stars! (for me)

3. Puts YOU on charge. Order slip IN-YOUR-HANDS..

4. Classic Corn Soup, so rich and flavorish!

5. Bay Calamari with Tartare Sauce for appetizer? Crunchy! (Notice who's enjoying?)

6. Here's our Beef Pepper Steak, their Best Seller - Winner!

Its Yumm-Oh! :)

Sizzling Pepper Steak is different from Pepper Lunch (Now, its confusing) But will try to eat one time at Pepper Lunch, it's the original, right?

Sizzling Pepper Steak can be found at Trinoma,
SM Annex, Greenhills Promenade, Glorietta 5

November 27, 2009

We're Just KID-ding..

I am this excited when I started writing an entry for these two cuties..

(Little) Lady first..
Here is Andrea Kristina O. Alconcel
Jason's niece at 3 years old
So kikay and all

We last saw her at a birthday party, Aug2008. While the most recent was three weeks ago at a dinner with Jason's family..
When I asked her, "Andrea, how old are you?"
She answered, "I.. Am.. Three.. Years.. Old.." (answering so-slow like in a kid's pageant) followed by "You?"
"I am twenty-one years older than you.."
She then said, "Ah okay.."

She thinks ahead of her age..
When she got near our house phone, she talks and talks as if her Daddy was on the other line.. Saying. "Hello Daddy, andito na kami, San ka na? Ingat ka ha. Love you.."

Hahaha, she might got that from her Mom - Lovely..

More of Andrea here:


Time for the (Little) gentleman..
He is Shyan Carl M. Intud
Sarah's nephew, born December 31, 2007 at 9:51pm. Imagine. When everyone was waiting for the New Year, Kuya Ryan and his family were at the hospital waiting for Shyan..

This year he's turning two with all the features of a big boy..
Today he loves the camera, he knows how to smile and play with it. He knows how to operate his Mom's iPhone, push the button so the light would turn on, he'll put it in his ears as if he's talking to someone.

He likes to eat, as his Mom said he can eat one burger McDo and two pieces of Polvoron all in one seat. And he knows how to say, "Wow, ap" (Wow, sarap! to describe the food)


Though Jason and I seldom see Andrea and Shyan, we think of them everytime we see kids play around malls and parks then we smile, we wish we're kids again, we play, get scolded, tantrum if we wont get what we asked at the toy store..

It makes us smile when we see some of our traits in them.

We pray they stay healthy, God-fearing, reponsible as they grow. They're are blessed having their parents around as well as their parents having them to share their life with.

Want to see how other kids strut their uniqueness and cuteness?
Visit some page from
I didnt post the video directly

November 23, 2009

Johnny Rockets: 50's music, Jukebox and Buuuurgers!

Living within Eastwood City, opened our eyes to new shops and restaurants to explore.. First on the list was Johnny Rockets, located just outside Eastwood Mall, with friendly crew who dances on idle time or even to entertain their customers wow-ed us.. :) Not to mention their big yummy burger, fresh veggies on it. And those onion rings makes me smile.. :)

Sorry If I'll make you salivate with those photos, but while blogging I'm still seeing people all lined up for seats, and it's already 10 in the evening. Pinoy loves eating talaga!

Songs from the Jukebox! So 50's, Dad's favorite

These onion rings made me SMILE :) Literally oh!

While the Cookies N Cream Shake was supposed to be Sarah's,
but more enjoyed by Jason-way more..

What we had:
Half Fries and Half Rings
Jason ordered #12
and a glass of Soda (P100)
Sarah got Route 66
Cookies and Cream Shake

Our bill was around PhP1,500+ or $32+ (Way too expensive, We may say)

We both think we can share for one burger on our next visit, if there's another..

Where to find:
Johnny Rockets, Eastwood Mall,
G/F Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Bagumbayan. Libis, Metro Manila
(02) 470-2117

Hotflopz, Free Your Feet

It's so hard for me to look for footwear in my size, I feel so ---- sad? depressed, maybe? and angry? whenever I want a particular shoe, and I'll ask what's the biggest size, they'll answer: "May sizes pa po.."

And if I told them do you have 10 or 11, they will look at my feety and say "Malaki po sizes namin, try niyo po ang 9.." Of course, I would disagree, cause 9 is different from 10 and 11, actually I'm size 41 (US size), my feet is 10.5 inches.. Too big, right? Its almost 9 or 10 on men size. Boo! That's why whenever I saw a pair of shoes that I like in my size, I won't let it pass.. I buy it.. I seldom see one kasi..

I came across these cutesy at S&R Congressional, it's on SALE then, but they have limited designs too, so I didn't care to ask.. I saw also my bes, Sofie blog about it here..

Yesterday, after work, we were about to go home when we came across their newly opened branch at Trinoma Mall, I checked out their sizes first and said they have size 10 and 11, Jason saw a big smile on lips, he could attest to that.. Hahaha..

From their wide range of designs, I can't decide now what to get. I want something, while Jason likes another..

When I get to try it on, its comfortable and easy to wear, you won't be stressed with the design cause its not glue but they are tied (fixed) to the flipflop. So its a win-win..

These first caught my eye: BABY SHOWER FLOPZ

And we ended up getting two pairs :)
I like:

BF likes:

After? Look who's VERY much happy now?

The next day, I was so excited to wear them :) Seeing people look at your feet is uncomfortable, but good thing my nails are clean and polished red, yey!

Each Hotflops costs P1499.00 or $31.90..

HotFlops, Free Your Feet have branches at Greenbelt 5, Trinoma, Marquee Mall, Alabang Town Center, S&R The Fort, S&R Alabang, S&R Asiana and S&R Congressional..

Visit their website:

Efren PeƱaflorida - CNN Hero of the Year

Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy! Mabuhay ka Efren! 


November 16, 2009

Us at Mothercare

I remember the first time I was here was when Shyan (my turning-2yrs old nephew) was just 5 days old :)
Last Saturday, Me and Jason was there to buy some shirts and diaper stacker for Baby Gab, aside from the blue baby bath tub, no occasion at all, but we just both love shopping for babies and kids..

If we go shopping, we don't just buy for ourselves, we end up buying for our neices and nephews..

And when our time comes to have our own, we'll shop even more, not for us but for them :)

Let me share some cutesies:
Cute Dresses for Busy Babies..
Santa Baby :)
Clothes and more cute clothes..
Cutesies sleepwear
And look at Jason..
Flipping pages on Strollers and Carriers?
And that made me laugh
made my weekend..

You can visit their international website:

There's so many things to smile about, right?
Might be big or small, still made you smile..

Have a blessed week.
I miss blogging..

November 7, 2009

Way to Christmas..

48 days to go 'til its Christmas..
I never saw this day comes too soon, until now were still in the process of house renovation and we're not sure if it would make it 'til *the day*

Everyday we wake up thinking of what else to do at our living room, what not to put and what to add, what to do more and what not to do anymore..

On the way to Christmas, I already started making my Christmas list last September, yes, 3 months before December, why? Cause that saves my time, I go to the mall or bazaars or tiangges almost everyday and also started to buy gift items also giveaways for office and my online store.. I am so excited that I missed out planning for my 25th birthday come first week of December..

Just yesterday, I together with Ogie (my nephew), Ate Josie and Mom visited Dapitan Arcade in Manila.. Off to buy Christmas decor, but I end up drooling over life-sized Santa.. Hahaha :)

Christmas-Themed Plates
Mom said its better to be displayed, but for me, USE IT!
Stack and pile some sweets, like cookies and brownies and M&Ms!

Oh, Santa! Be careful!

Just one of the weirdest Santa around..

Hey, Santa! Am I on your gift list?

Seeing them makes me smile.. But would all that even signifies the true meaning of Christmas? I don't think so, its not what we have now or what we may receive, for me its what we had - The Birth of Jesus.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah,

Remember that it's okay to celebrate, however take time to pause and reflect on Christ's birth and His works in your celebration.

Let me share what inspire me to write about Christmas..
ABSCBN's Christmas Station ID


Salamat sa liwanag Mo,
muling magkakakulay ang pasko

Dahil ikaw Bro, ang star ng aming pasko..

November 4, 2009

On Glossy Papers

Photography grows from film to digital phase.. So fast, that we get to enjoy and see the actual taken pictures using a digital camera.. With film you are obliged to print it out so you can see them, right? But with digital cameras, just smile and click and there goes your photo on the camera's screen, amazing invention, right?

Way back, when it was Dad who always take pictures, We'll tease him that 36 shots roll of film will take up tp 3-6 months before it goes to a photoshop and get printed.. When digital cameras was born, and we had one, his cameras were just settled on that old, ragged drawer, I was the only one in the family who got interested with photography, maybe because I had Photography 101 and 102 when I was in college.. Or maybe I want to learn more of it..

Jason once asked, "Why don't we have any pictures in your room?"
I smiled and realized and asked myself too.. My bad.. :(

So just last week, And I can't believe it, I printed almost a thousand of our pictures, just our pictures ha, it doesnt included pictures with our friends and relatives..
Just plain US and our lakwatsa

Let me share some:

This was the first of the 3 batch.. Count: 225

Our first *official* picture ever, and our ulti-fave :) Taken: June 15, 2007
(Payat pa kami nyan.. Haha)
The left picture was vectorized.

Jason wearing Ate Grace's wig and my green duster..
And that's Bokbok (our 1yr old motorcycle)
We really put names on everything..

Our Bora Trip
Celebrating our 2nd year together..

Me and Aaron (Jason's nephew)

The kiddie version of us..
And going for a facial treatment :) Yay!

And these 3 albums (holds 200 pictures) is not enough.

Everytime we got, I always bring Bubuy and Philon (if I can) along.. To capture everything on shots, of course.. And what I learned, every after an event/lakwatsa, I should go out the next day to have it printed..

Have your photos printed too, though time will surpass them but the memories stays..

And oh, I bought digital photo frame too, so I can share pictures instantly..

Have a blessed day beautiful people..!

November 1, 2009

November 1st musings..

Slept at 2:46am (Nov 1) realizing that we should be on the road by 9am, so by lunch time we'll make it to the cemetery (Samal, Bataan).. And I blame Cafe World at Facebook for that. (LOL)

This day marks another *get-together* in the clan, years before, if my memory serves me right, we always celebrate November 1st just like January 1st, the New Year.. As in jam-packed..
But now, we're less and lesser, that makes me sad, actually..

Dad always tells us, "Paano pag wala na kami, dadalawin nyo pa ba kami dito?"
My Uncle owns the Memorial Garden, where my Grandparents (Mother's side) and Grandmother (Father's side) rest.. So that means, we have assured lots on the said..
I always answer, "Yes Dad. We'll always do..

Dad and Uncle

So that's one, November 1st is not really to *worry* about, but for many of us, its another way of reminiscing those memories they left us..

Second, I have so many plans this month, one of which is travelling, me and boyfie have some small trips whenever our free scheds meet, but I want something *different*, a new travel experience, something that would make my last days of being 24 more meaningful than ever.. I want to go extremes but I'm not good at organizing myself. Help now.. :(

Third, I miss green and peace.

And fourth.. Here:
Yes, I'm feeling it.. Or maybe its just because of Typhoon Santi's effect..
But the cold wind makes me smell Christmas scent..

Now I'm feeling the emptiness of no one to share this thoughts with..
No Jason, he's in Vigan ulet..
No sister :(
No nearest cousin/neice to chica this

I'm soooo thankful the jologs society is here.. Need hugs, please..

Have a great week beautiful people..
Will find reason to smile and laugh about..
God speed..


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