November 18, 2011

GT: My Style Icon

There's something about her and I just don't know what exactly it is. Maybe the way she represent herself, her smile, she can be (fashion) weird sometimes but can be at her glamorous style.Or probably I just like the whole her, funky and stylish. Whenever I get online I always check Drew's latest fashion, what she wore where, she's an icon (at least for me), really.

Lately I always see myself in dress and cardigan, well it's the easiest (next to shirt and jeans) to wear nowadays. With it, I can run and chase Travis while playing, oh just don't forget to wear the right undergarment, okay? I may not know much about fashion the current and the-not, but at least I mix and match basics and I'm good with that. Hahaha.  

I think I was late for GT for this week, aww, I was way too busy with reports and my online store. But at least I still had that time to "Girl Talk" :)


  1. Hi there!

    Drew is gorgeous, I was thinking of citing her in my GT post too :D She really cleaned up well, didn't she? :)

    Thanks for visiting!

  2. i love drew, too!! she's such an inspiration because she managed to get her act clean and drug-free... and now she's not just an actress but a producer, too!

    visiting from GT. Here's mine:

  3. I like Drew Barrymore, she that angelic pretty face :-) I still remember her in cute. Dropping some late love for Girl's Talk, hope that you can return the favor too.

  4. I adore this lady, too. She seems to have a charisma all her own. Now, I regularly visit her nutritionist's website because I admire how she has kept drew fit for a long time :)

  5. Drew is one of those actresses who can pull off any look

  6. i agree that her clothes are sometimes weird (in my mind she's like the feminine version of johnny depp sometimes hee hee), but she is just a lovable woman inside and out, i wouldn't mind dressing up like she does once i a while ^^


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