June 30, 2011

Mix of Everything


I'm excited. I'm happy. I'm busy. 
Since Travis slept, I cleaned our home, our room, our bathroom. 
I took a bath, washed Travis soiled clothes, mop the floor.
Wrapped a gift for the new yaya and the Husband. 
Called Mom to tell everything's good. 
Now, I'm blogging.. 
then the next? Will fix the Husband shoe and cap collection

Oh wait, have to grab lunch now. 
Don't forget to eat everyone. 
Have a great fabulous Thursday, please. 

June 23, 2011

When All Else Fails, Try Gelatissimo


It was the last weekend we had Yaya slash Helper Laila, and that's the last time I get to enjoy my me-time at the salon without worrying about my little man. But Monday came and everything turns upside down-down, she left. And all is left with me, honestly it is hard. Good thing Travis's a good boy, (the Mom here speaking)   I could just dump all his toys and play with him on the bed, we danced to J Lo's On the Floor and Katy Perry's Peacock, oh, you must really see how he dance. 

But when he ends up crying, I'll pause, look at him and do funny faces just to cheer him up. I may not have long, longer patience when he cries, but thanks to food and his bicycle, we're both relieved. 

Just then I am thankful for Gelatissimo, for giving me the umph, aaaaah, whew over the weekend that I really need. A gelato saved the weekend, can I have one again next weekend and this time with the Husband?

June 19, 2011




Thanks for Jason, so far he's doing great and I know he'll be just like you.
photo credit: google

And to my Perfect 10 Husband/BodyGuard/Everything
You are doing great! *wink* 
See you soon. We love you! 


And this SHOUT OUT goes to all the BEST DAD's

June 17, 2011

Countdown to a Roarrrr!


According to Lilypie, a site full of free custom ticker graphics which displays days, weeks, months or a countdown to your child's birthday or how far along your pregnancy is, etc, etc. It's 1 month, 3 weeks and 6 days until my little Travis' Dedication day and Birthday Party (also the Husband's party too). I am extremely excited that come August, two of the most important boys/men in my life will be celebrating their birthday as well as Travis' Dedication

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie First Birthday tickers

Since November last year, Travis was then 3 months, I started reading about how to plan your child's 1st birthday parties, with the tips I read, I am equipped with what to do, what to have, where to go, etc, etc. It was fun actually. I get to send emails to every single party planner that I like, checked their rates and packages, look at their galleries to know more about their offered services, and luckily falls into the hands of Ms. Jhoanne of Polkadots Events, she's easy to talk with, we exchange almost hundred of emails, SMS'ed each other once in a while and to update with any changes. We met early this year to discuss about the party I want for Travis. And voila, we clicked! It's like after hundreds and thousands of party planners I've checked through Kiddie Party's website and visits expos and bazaars, ideas were like puzzles, one by one I'm seeing the party I want. (Did that actually rhymes?) Again, one by one I'm seeing the party I want.

And now, I bet you have an idea what's the theme for the party.. Didn't you?

I'm still in the process of preparing everything. Hopefully when 1st of July comes, and that's two weeks from now or less, everything is good and at it's best, why? Because no one, YES, no one, excepts my Bestfriend Sofie knows about the details for the party that even my Husband doesn't know anything, okay he knows the party venue and the theme. *wink*  This is what excites me more, it would be a big surprise for the Husband and for our Travis.

And hey, I welcome suggestions and questions, so please if you want to know more and yes I want to know more (too), please don't hesitate to drop a line or just say hi. It would be appreciated like everytime I get a comment from beautiful people like you, it makes my heart smile. And I say, THANK YOU.

June 15, 2011

Four Year and More..


Celebrated our First Anniversary together with his family. Jason in his body 20kls lighter, while I never thought I'll wear a yellow head band with a royal blue top. Where they thought it was my birthday..


Second Anniversary was just US with his Nephew AJ. Just had dinner and coffee.

And four days after off we go to Boracay, Yay!



This was last year, the most decent picture we had together. I'm going 8 months on my pregnancy, isn't it obvious that I hid behind my Husband. Yes, you heard it right, early last year we got married. We celebrated it with my Mom, Kuya Ryan, Ate Sheryl, Shyan and Yenyen. 

And this year, though the Husband is not any nearer and working his butt aboard, I will be celebrating it with his mini-me, Travis. It's gonna be just Me and Travis on a dinner date on our Fourth Anniversary. Right then, I called up our fave resto and reserved a seat for two.

And today the 15th, it's official I'm counting the days until the Husband arrives and that's 16 days from now.

Can't hardly wait! Travis and I misses HIM so much! Expect more of wacky-us, and now we're THREE!

June 12, 2011

Perfect 10


Today we celebrate Travis 10 month birth-day. After his Yaya Angel  left us exactly 10 days ago, I had lesser time to get online, read books but the good side of it is I get to play with Travis all day long, watch cartoons and be a kid again, the only time I'm not that close to him is when I need a trip to the bathroom. If there's one thing I'm afraid that I can't do (that Yaya Angel is so good at) is to dance Travis to sleep. But two days before she left, there was something pretty unusual, Travis can sleep on his own. Now that maybe a sign that I need to let go of Yaya Angel and just accept it an start anew. 

Since today is a Sunday, we're off to Crossroad 77 for Sunday Service. This time I get to sit in at Sonshine Street ( Children Ministry ) I was all smiles when I see lots of kids, oh I love them all! And my little Travis met  Kuya Ethan, the boy with so much energy. They're dancing, singing, play and color. I think I wanna be a kid again. 

Since Travis is 10 months, and all the rest were 2-4 years old, he opted to (just) sit on my lap, he's so amazed seeing kids, or maybe he's thinking of ideas of how he will be when he's in their age - full of energy. Yay! 
Here's him while everyone's dancing and singing.. He's praying(left photo) and clapping(right photo)

And he's enjoying it. Teacher Mahlyn told Travis he can join them next time. (Momma-clap) 

And what's next? Eating time. Oh we can't miss this! 
tenten tenten

So far 9 months of pregnancy plus 10 months of Travis-mania, I'm embracing the challenges, I cried, but I laugh more. I am truly blessed for having greatest friends, supportive family  and you, yes you who took time to read my blog, and of course one perfect-10 Husband (the wife's speaking here).

Everyday, I am ten-ful (well, 10 being the highest!) and Thankful! 

June 7, 2011

Bye Summer



I still can remember how mad Mr. Sun was when we were at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar at Bagac, Bataan last May, that I almost fainted. Thank God I didn't. No one can take that heat, I know, I felt it myself. 

And for the past three days, heat really is unbearable, seems like taking a bath 3-4 times can't even do it's magic. Oh please Summer heat, you can go now, well I never liked you anyway. 

So bye summer. 

My apology (again) for lack of updates. I am a busy Mom preparing my boys (yes, boys) Baby Travis dedication and birthday party and and and the Husband's birthday party too. Wish I can pull this off. And come three weeks, the Husband is coming home, now who's excited - ME! So I really need to finish everything in three weeks, wish me luck. :D

June 2, 2011

Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair

My very first blogger's event and tell you I'm wishing there's a part two! Aisa, Melai and Ana, part two please? 
I am so happy seeing familiar faces, though I'm just a silent reader - I'm a fan and through them I get the inspiration to write and express myself , and that's blogging. 

Many words can describe the event, but one things for sure, I had a blast! 




And who I'm with? My Bestfriend Sofie and a friend way back college, Tin

We're at the Close-up Booth! Haha.

Who goes home with a happy smile? ME =)


I read that part two comes December, oh that's one great news!  *cross-fingers*


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