January 29, 2012

Sing Like No One is Listening

Father and Son Duets. 

While they're busy, Yaya and I are busy too - taking pictures. 

When I started to sing Travis' fave song (On The Floor JLo & Pitbull) he looked at me blankly like "Mom, cmon!" right then I stopped. 
He laughed. 

I really don't sing, seriously , I just dance, I'm not gifted on that side. LOL. 
But the Husband and Travis (I think, soon) is.

When was the last time you sang? 

Sing a song, Happy Sunday All. 
And a great week ahead. 

January 26, 2012

My Little Man in a Suit

Travis and I 

Travis and I walked down the aisle (for the first time) as we carry the veil. 
Honestly, I got teary-eyed when I saw him walking beside me, holding my hand as we walk the aisle and until we found our seat, he looks around and plays a really good boy. 
Okay, I'm a proud Mom. 

Mommy, Travis (Daddy and Kuya Aaron at the back) with Kuya Gabriel and Tita Joy 
Now, let the photos speak..

We so find time for some photo ops -- 

The Alconcel Family

The formal side of the A-Boys! 

I'll take this part to thank Emil and Ronalyn for inviting us on their special day, 
We wish you a happy, fruitful and blessed married life. Cheers! 

January 17, 2012

Can I Drive Mommy to Work?


You can't! And you won't, because Daddy will, everyday. 

Hey you little boy, you know almost everything. Even driving?! Ohnoes! 

Don't worry, since Dad and Mom are officially workmates,
 they can bring you to their work place once in a while. 

But that's when Boss Grandma would agree
and when you reach those gas pedal.

January 13, 2012

Clean Up After Eating

He just turned 1 year and 5 months last Thursday! 

Celebrated it with a slice of cake 
shared with Daddy and Mommy and Travis and Yaya. 

And after eating, 

Clean up. 

Clearly, we're having a cleaner 2012. 

Have a happy and clean weekend! ;) 

January 12, 2012

His First Movie Theater Experience

Travis cousin came in to stay for the weekend, so here we are unleashing the kid in us. So off we go to watch the 3rd sequel of Alvin and the Chipmunks with the Chipettes, and I love them. I caught myself and the Husband laughing.

You may ask what does a 1 year and 4 months and 27 days boy named Travis doing inside the movie theater, well we let him experience it, for once. The Husband and I were thinking what would Travis do inside, our thoughts were right, he sat down, he was behaved and points at the screens, claps and even laugh, okay he laughs whenever I laugh, so much of a delayed reaction. He then sat at my lap, and ate some of my popcorn, then laughed and clapped again.

After 5-10 minutes of the movie, he fell asleep

I think he enjoyed the movie in his own ways..

He woke up just before the the movie ends. Talking about timing. I don't know, maybe he enjoyed the dark and cold set-up of the movie house, and even the noise doesn't bothered him at all..

So that means, he can be my next movie date, aside from the original, the baby Daddy.

Have you seen the movie? Go see, it's a must-see, trust me. :)

January 8, 2012

If The Shoe Fits, Do the Peace Sign

He knows shoes, and hates the Velcro part on the strap. The moment you tell him to choose what shoe he wants to wear, he'll open his shoe cabinet and grab two to three shoe (of different kinds) and when he got to wear them, he'll dance. I don't know, maybe he sees his Dad doing that. Sorry Daddy Jason, I burst out your talent -- dancing it is. Haha! Oh, there's something about shoes. 

Then just the other night, a shoe I ordered online came. It's customized to my size. Thank God for them, thanks DAS Shoes! And since the toddler boy and I were bored, we tried them out (his and his shoe) and Dad took some pictures of us, enjoying our new shoes. 

And did I say he knows how to make a peace sign? Yes, he does! 
So we did - both. Kyot! 

January 5, 2012


I want to write a letter for Mom over here at my blog, on second thought I did not cause the time and space and my brain won't let me. Okay, honestly I am gonna cry. 

So I'm gonna make it short. 

If I were to ask who I want be when I get much older? I would gladly say, my Mom. 
She is just different, the patience, the unconditional love, support, her everyday life-saving tips, her old stories, I love everything about her, she's one perfect woman, a wonderful gift from God. 

We're 43 years apart, so that means she's 42 when she gave birth with me, though I am one size bigger than her, I look up to her, she's my idol and whoever I am yesterday, today and tomorrow it's because of my Mommy Lita.

Happy 70th Birthday Ma, I love you. 
We all love you. 

I hope you had a great intimate dinner with us. We we're all preparing for one big party for you but we know you're one reserved person, so we decided we won't share you to anyone. 

All the love, 
Your only daughter
Mylene Sarah

His Money

Whenever he sees a peso coin, he'll say, "Money!" and grab them all. 
Same when he sees balloons. 

At 1 year and going 5 months, he knows money. good thing he chooses coin than paper money. 
Don't fright for he won't swallow them, he put them into his coin bank.
Saving up at an early age huh. 
Good sign then. 

January 2, 2012

Second day, year 2012

Have you cleaned up? 
We did! (Thanks for all the gifts we received this Holiday, including this broom)
We three, just did, that's how we started year 2012.
While we change the sheets, Travis jumps up and down his mattress. Oh, boy! 

Hello "cleaner" 2012! 


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