February 23, 2011

Summer, it is.

Yes, it’s official!

It’s summer for My Little Fino..

I’m feeling it too.


Me and my Short Hair

The last time I had short hair, as in super short (like these) was wayback 2001 ( highschool days) and now since it’s summer, I think it’s one perfect way to cut those ends away. And glad I did.

And thanks to my stylist Ms. Patty of Bench Fix at Trinoma

February 21, 2011

Food Trips with Him and Him

I miss every second of it. We both gain enough carbo for us to reach almost 200pounds. And now we're both trying to lose it. LOL. Knowing our favorite food is Crispy Knuckles (Crispy Pata) Sharing food and good laugh is how we spend our time together.. If there's food in front of us, then we're BUSY. (One of our stolen shot)

And now that we have our Little Man who loves food rather than toys, yes he does! Then soon, it's gonna be Dad, Mom and Travis on THAT food table..

February 17, 2011

I Just Can’t Get Enough

My wallpaper in a 20″ monitor.

I am guilty, I just can’t get enough of my little man.

February 14, 2011


How sweet it is, to be loved by YOU!


Six More Years Until Their Golden Wedding Anniversary

Every February 14th, we celebrate Valentine's.. And it's even more special because 44 years ago (February 14, 1967) my parent's got married.. We see to it that we're all together to celebrate that one special day of the year. And since this year, Feb 14 falls on a Monday, we celebrated it the day before, had sumptuous lunch of pizzas, pasta and gelato. YUM! Though we're not complete this year, hopefully 6 years from we are! We should be - Dad and Mom, their 4 Boys, and Me, the Husband, My 4 gorgeous sister-in-laws, their 8 grand children ( &/or more ) and 1 great grand children.
The day itself, we had one big lunch together with Mom's sister Aunt Yoly, Uncle Remy and Ate Nenet. Talks and Laughter was around us. Priceless moments.

We are blessed and thankful for God gave us great parents to be with all the days of our lives. And won't get tired of celebrating our everydays with them.

Banane Taipei

Okay, honestly I don't know much of signatures bags.. But when I heard about Birkin and its whooping price - again just heard! Blame me, I'm just a girl. LOL. And since am no Mrs. Pacman, I want something like it. Look what I found at
A photo of Birkin printed on a canvass bag? Greatest ideal and it will fit any girl's pocket (like mine)Me got SUPER CHAMPAGNE GREY

Thanks Ms. Heidi of And I wanna have another one just to fit in for summer 2011! Yeh! Now what to get?

How about Sunset Orange? Or Lake Blue? Or maybe Grass Green?

I can't decide, help?

How to have one?

Check it out at


February 12, 2011

Of Balloons and Birthday

Baby Travis just turned 6 months today, February 12, and it marks the go-green sign to start planning his and the Husbands birthday on August. Isn't it great celebrating their birthdays in just one day.. Great deal eh? Btw, the Husbands birthdate is August 13. Last year, his birthday was set (that) set aside, we were at the hospital then, so I promised him to give him and Travis one big bash on his next birthday, now that's what I call pressure. And since today marks Travis 6th month might as well celebrate it the unusual way other than cake and 6 candles. We visited Clark, Phils to witness the 16th Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival Event, this happens every year, and this was my (our) first time. And I know next year we'll be there earlier, so we'll get the best parking slot, best hot air balloons pictures and souvenirs too.

And I thank my nephew, Engr. Joseph for joining us for this one great outta town trip!

Until next year, by then we had new company, right Hubs?


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