January 30, 2011

Meet My Personal Assistant, Fiona

And yes, she's a mannequin (a fitting form kind of mannequin). I had her last December from Mannequin Incorporated, who sells mannequin and delivers right in your doorstep. Since I'm always online and usually sell and buys anything online, I find stuffs online unique, some are vintage and hard to find. (Thanks to multiply and ebay)

Fiona will be of help now that SOS (my online store) will be active again, everything will be reinvented from the site's name, logos, site's layout, etc, and now that I have Travis, will be selling toddlers/kids apparel too, I just have to wait for my kid/toddler mannequin by next week.

As 2010 was a busy year for me and my family, now as we face 2011, hopefully things fall in their places. Above all, I thank God for the blessing he continues to bestow us.

Now, I look forward to colorful 2011. And I hope Fiona can bear a grouchy boss!

Wish me creative outputs on these.

January 27, 2011

Travis: If only I can travel with my box

Mum has the craziest thought of me travelling with this box. Okay, that might be a great idea -- but where to go? Mum always tells me that she have a gorgeous and the most beautiful friends/sister/#mgateh ever and that they were all ears, all eyes from the day they knew Mum and Dad had me, until Mum's 1 day and 12 hrs labor, up until now. Mum and I made a list of where-to's. First stop, Tita Bhenie and Tito Rey, Tita Ibyang and Tito Chris, walk me to the Opera House, to the Perth where everyone seems busy and let me see Kangaroos too. Then off I go to Tita Janis, though Mum and I missed her when she was here in Pinas, I would really take time to talk to her and ask her how is it being married to Tito Kaiser and his tattoos, I thought of having some when I grow up if only Dad and Mum says go. Then jump to Tete Abhie, but I won't stay long, she might talk to me with her silent-th-accent (oh, her angelic voice) but if she'll tag me along with her around the worldkembot, well it's a different story.

And as a boy that I am, I wanna see Francine and Sophia, and of course Tita Nikki too, oh hello Spain! (Okay, Mum said that!) Haha. Oh, I won't let the opportunity pass that I'll get to be with Ninang Labs Leona and Tita Gena at Singapore and Daddy Jason too, it would be worth the visit too see all of us together under that Merlion or over the top by the cable car ride, or let me hit Singapore Zoo and let me meet the party animals.

But for now that I'm just 5 months and 15 days, can you all come home to the Philippines so you can see Me and Mum, Tita Joanne and Baby JJ, Tita Denise and Baby Yllac, Tita Joy and Pia, and Ninang Bes Sofie.. I think that's one great idea eh?

Here I am baby, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours.

January 4, 2011

Bad Hair Day at 4 months

Having a bad hair day? For thick with natural curl hair like mine, a big bun with some hair mousse will do the trick, but what if you're just four (4) month old and a baby boy? I even asked Travis' pedia, she suggested to put clip on it, at least his hair would get into his eyes and face.. And so I bought some..

Beb, don't worry Tita Denise won't call you Tony Ferrer anymore.. Hahaha :)


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