October 17, 2012

Instagram Once A Day.

Am missing so much here.
But not on my Instagram.

I'm thinking where to start again.
Maybe this ones okay.

September 3, 2012

Be Our Guest ( Planning Travis' 2nd Birthday Party)

He's two now. Okay, 22 days ago, he was officially Two years old. And every day he still amuses us with how he sees the world around him, he can speak 3-4 words, he speaks like a man only with little voice, maybe because the Daddy and I decided not to baby talk him. Whenever we ask him if he's okay, he'll nod and answer "Yah!" 

Now, let me share how I planned their party, I did it for a month, yes, blame the busy Mom in me. 

1. VenueBarrington Place, Skydeck, Congressional Ave, Quezon City, click here for more details.
    Since we can't fit in our house, I looked for that one place that's new and near our house. So I checked this place and it was available, I immediately booked it for August 12. Yay! Actually I thought of fast food restaurant who doubles as party venue too, but the Husband and I doesn't want a limited two hours of party, who wants that right? So we opted to the place. As you see, we had the full place all to us and our family, relatives and friends. We can dance anywhere. 

2. Dessert Buffet and Cake. SisterArt.
    Here's SisterArt FB Page.
    For all you know Kim and Rica of SisterArt has been my favorite, they've been with my family special event since 2008. There's no event in our household that you won't see SisterArt's artistic and tasteful and yummy pastries, cake and cupcakes. You can see how we build our friendship here, she's a supplier turned friend and Travis' Godmother too. 
     SisterArt made Travis one great dessert buffet with personalized chocolates and water bottles too, isn't that cool?

With us is Kim and Rica's beautiful family. 
3. Party Host, Assistant, Magician and Ventriloquist, Balloon, Mascot. And everything in     between in a party. (I got their Sweet Party Caravan Package
   With the help of Ms. Roschelle owner of Sweet Party Memories, I had them all. Big thank for Party planners like them. 
We got his favorite Buzz Lightyear Mascot. 
4. Invitation Design and Printing. 
    April  of  Artisan Design Studio, has been my savior when it comes to invitation design. Check her FB page here: She designs for his invites, cupcakes toppers, thank you cards and stickers, oh and she printed them out too. 
5. Photobooth. 
   Since the venue has their accredited photobooth, we had iFlick. 
    Avail of their 4 hours package and their green screen background for more choices of backgound and additional 1 hour photo magnets as our guest souvenirs. 

6. Food.
   Ate Leny's Catering, Ate Leny is my sis-in-law's sister. And I have everything covered. Thanks      Ate Leny. I'm assured that food is perfect. 
Ate Leny is on the left in red.
 7. Photocoverage by Sophia Photography
     Visit their FB page here:
     Their tandem was the best, so far. They got each guest a solo shots, that's a plus. And captures every laugh and smiles.

8. Cakes and Cakepops by CakeTerrific by Aicel and Sabie
    Visit their FB Page here:
Planning took me almost two months. All smiles and laughter made me realize it's all worth it. 

Thank you to my family, relatives and friends who spent their family day with us. From my family to yours, BIG Thank You. and may God bless us all. 

August 18, 2012

1, 2, 3, Slide.

Taken last Monday, August 13, 2012 with his cousin, Aaron. 

Don't worry, he's okay after he made that slide (and after I took this pictures) he's used to this slide, place, every weekend we take him here and sometime during weekdays.

July 22, 2012

Preparing his Second Birthday Party

It's the time of the year again, where we celebrate two birthdays in a day, that's the Husbands and Travis'.
I then made a guide board, thanks to Pinterest,  for making my party planing easier, some may be DIY thanks to youtube.
And since Travis likes Buzz Lightyear. I just focused on it and his colors. 
By now, his turning two, the party wont be that big as the first one, I squeezed my invited to family, relatives and closest friends. Since Travis can play now and understands almost everything that's happening around, I know he will enjoy his special day.

Here's my pinterest board for Travis' second birthday party theme.

Those are my inspirations, I may not have them exactly as shown here, but I'm sure Travis and his invited friends will enjoy the party. And for that I leave it to my party planner, Ms. Roschelle of  Sweet Party Memories. While Kim of SisterArt will be making Travis' cake and Dessert Buffet too. And Aicel of Caketerrific will make cupcakes for guests take home treats, iFlick for photo booth, and Sophia Photography to capture every smiles we all share.

Well, I still have 2 weeks and 6 days to finalize everything! Whew! I can do this! Wish me luck!

Great Sunday everyone! 

July 2, 2012

Bye, June!

How was your weekend? Hope you all had a great time. My little family goes on a roadtrip to Tagaytay and stayed overnight at Summit Ridge Hotel, where everything was fantastic, the weather, the view and your family with you -- Perfect! 

Since Travis saw horses around, he just have to ride one. Good thing weathers so nice to us. 

Comes, the morning after.

Just before we head home, we won't miss this spot.

And with that ends our (last) weekend of June. 
Now, we should hug July as it comes, and forever be thankful to Him. 

June 17, 2012


Here's my greeting post last year, and today we couldn't thank them all enough. 

Dads are the best! I can attest to that. 


Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

Five Years and More!

We have forever to spend with, so we're enjoying every second, minute, hours, days of it.

I wanna thank everyone who've been part of US. Especially my best friend / ex-boyfriend and now Husband Jason.

I can count 5 more lifetime with him. Am so blessed.

June 12, 2012

Weekend in Instagram

Thank God for weekends, that after week long load of work, we still have time to be with my family, that includes Holidays too. 

Happy Independence Philippines! We got a long way to celebrate it. Let's live to it! 

June 5, 2012

5 < 2

1st Official Haircut was when he turned 1 year old : August 12, 2011

Less a  month later,
September 5, 2011, his second

and comes the third,
October 11, 2011, third time

We tried to let his hair grow thicker, after 3 months..
February 26, 2012, fourth salon visit

then last Sunday, we tried one mall up north, Marqee Mall at Angeles, Pampanga. And saw a kids salon, Travis had his unplanned haircut which made up his 5th visit salon.

Fifth, June 3, 2012. Just before school starts.

Explain further, 5 haircuts in less 2 years. Travis is exactly 1 year, 9 months, 3 weeks and 3 days as of now (while writing this post) and while with those developments, words and everything he does today so is the thickness of his hair, yes, it's not even long (well, kinda) but eventually he got a good combination of his Dad's hair and mine. His Dad got black and almost there thick hair, while I have wavy (got natural curls) and thick hair (it won't show since I have gone some straightening treatment) I don't know if his hair is just normal, in thickness or what. We (the Husband) thought of buying thinning scissors or thinning shears, so we can cut his hair without hearing him cry. We will try, I can't imagine how will be his 6th, 7th, Nth salon visit again without him crying, so that's plan B. 

Hey Mommies, Stylist, Every All, suggestions are very much welcome, will appreciate if you have insights to share with me on what to do. By then, thank you in advance. 

May 25, 2012

Mix and Match on Instagram

This post is dedicated to my undying love for Instagram and Pic Stitch and my everyday outfit to work, oh and myself too. (insert evil laugh here).  

Purple, Violet or Plum
Felt like a Princess

Plaid meets Floral

Rocking it down

Before Summer Ends

Now, it pays to be busy at work, thanks to apps like Instagram, everyday is more interesting, and your even cooler eh?! It's like my everyday is not complete without Instagram, thank you for the great mindsss behind it. 

You can follow me at sarahalconcel, I drag the Husband to have one too at jasonalconcel, I can't (yet) imagine travisalconcel. :) 

And on a different note,

Oh, and one more thing, if you frequent me here on my blog, I bet you saw the big twist. Yes, I had it revamp, by Patricia of Thank you Patricia for making it so much of me, thank you for your time, more power! You can also visit her portfolio here and her blog here. She's so creative and witty she can make another of you. (I'm just so happy with the outcome.) 

May 19, 2012

My Little Hulk!

Let me tell you a story, a story of a busy, working Mom. I got to work 6 times a week, and spends a day there, including one hour travel to work and one again going back home. All day, I'm away from this little Hulk, one day when I arrived home, I sit and as a part of my relaxation from work, I upload pictures from my camera to my laptop, to my surprise, I saw these pictures, I called Cathy, Travis cousin who's staying with us while it's school vacation and asked her how they let Travis wore his hulk costume, (cause sometimes he doesn't want to dress up, especially when it's hot). She said, Travis just saw his hulk costume and immediately remove his clothes and tried it on. I was laughing then, I let Travis look at his pictures and he smiled while saying "Hulk, Smash!" And running around the house shouting, "Hulk, Smash!" 

Well, maybe he was too fascinated with Hulk after we watched The Avengers with his cousins, where everything that comes in Hulk's way, he smashes it. I hope Travis won't smash anything or even anyone.  

Honestly, I miss times like this, when I can just stay at home, look after Travis and not get a yaya for him, well maybe a househelp. I hope that time will come. So you wait, little Hulk! Mommy's gonna get you and just stay at home. Haha.

And our little smash-er got thirsty.

April 30, 2012

Everyday Instagram!

Everyday I'm on Instagram! I'm sharing at sarahalconcel, I wanna see more.

Since Travis knows how to smile on the camera - this app is very much useful now.


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