May 19, 2012

My Little Hulk!

Let me tell you a story, a story of a busy, working Mom. I got to work 6 times a week, and spends a day there, including one hour travel to work and one again going back home. All day, I'm away from this little Hulk, one day when I arrived home, I sit and as a part of my relaxation from work, I upload pictures from my camera to my laptop, to my surprise, I saw these pictures, I called Cathy, Travis cousin who's staying with us while it's school vacation and asked her how they let Travis wore his hulk costume, (cause sometimes he doesn't want to dress up, especially when it's hot). She said, Travis just saw his hulk costume and immediately remove his clothes and tried it on. I was laughing then, I let Travis look at his pictures and he smiled while saying "Hulk, Smash!" And running around the house shouting, "Hulk, Smash!" 

Well, maybe he was too fascinated with Hulk after we watched The Avengers with his cousins, where everything that comes in Hulk's way, he smashes it. I hope Travis won't smash anything or even anyone.  

Honestly, I miss times like this, when I can just stay at home, look after Travis and not get a yaya for him, well maybe a househelp. I hope that time will come. So you wait, little Hulk! Mommy's gonna get you and just stay at home. Haha.

And our little smash-er got thirsty.


  1. cute!!! :-) awww! i have the same dilemma, missing a lot of my pao's little milestones because i also have to work... :-( on weekends, when i get to spend time with him i would ask the yaya not to get him from me unless i turn him over to her hehehe :-)

  2. Thanks dear.
    Oh I do that too.
    Though he prefer playing with his Daddy, with so much physical activities than reading or singing. Haha. Boys. ;)

  3. Hello cutie pie! Hulk talaga si Travis bilang nag hubad na, unleashing his powers! heehee :)


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