May 25, 2012

Mix and Match on Instagram

This post is dedicated to my undying love for Instagram and Pic Stitch and my everyday outfit to work, oh and myself too. (insert evil laugh here).  

Purple, Violet or Plum
Felt like a Princess

Plaid meets Floral

Rocking it down

Before Summer Ends

Now, it pays to be busy at work, thanks to apps like Instagram, everyday is more interesting, and your even cooler eh?! It's like my everyday is not complete without Instagram, thank you for the great mindsss behind it. 

You can follow me at sarahalconcel, I drag the Husband to have one too at jasonalconcel, I can't (yet) imagine travisalconcel. :) 

And on a different note,

Oh, and one more thing, if you frequent me here on my blog, I bet you saw the big twist. Yes, I had it revamp, by Patricia of Thank you Patricia for making it so much of me, thank you for your time, more power! You can also visit her portfolio here and her blog here. She's so creative and witty she can make another of you. (I'm just so happy with the outcome.) 


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