July 28, 2011

Dessert Buffets, Everyday.

Assorted candies, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, jelly beans, chocolates, lollipops, gumballs  -- SWEETS. Can you not enjoy seeing them in one whole bunch (that for me, even without decorations are really enticing) ? Me, I enjoy my free time going online, checking my mails, go tweeting, check my blog, and facebook-ing (if there's such a word) and when I'm done with all that, I do some searching online for dessert buffet for Travis' Party, aside from tissue pom poms that I'm obsessed with.

That's one of the many things I look forward to, on my Boys party, and yes I'm excited to attend to their party, I told myself, I'll be a guest too. I don't want to get busy with all the party stuff on the day, thanks to my party planner, Jhoanne of Polkadots Events.

July 24, 2011

It's Out


They're out.

Friends and Family, also Travis' friends too have copies now, do you have yours?  
I am happy with all the "Yes, we'll be coming" replies coming from them and now I want to thank them all in advance, I can't wait to see all of them in one special day for the family.
I want this day to be extra special, besides it's a triple celebration so I'll take the blame for everything.

I want also to take this privilege to thank *the artist* April of  for making this project -- the invites, the tags, the thank you cards and table numbers, I'm still astounded with how she did it with just an exchange of emails. With all her artistry and magic and power (which all I don't have) I thank her for being patience with my request and favors without giving any idea - read: blank. Artist like her are gifted, they really are, and like me, we need them. 

As of now, we have an option to send invites through Facebook and it makes things easier, take it from me. Though for some that wants an invite, I send them one or even two, so wait until the mailman rings the doorbell, that might be a copy of this invite. *wink

Have a great week all. It's almost the last week for July and let's be ready for August! Okay, I'm just sooooooo excited. 

July 22, 2011

He is a Surpriser


Yesterday, Hubs and I were off to visit our Uncle Doc's clinic for a check-up. Aside from his cough, there's nothing wrong with the x-ray findings, though we need to seek an Orthopedic to address his somewhat serious chest pain, (read: muscles, ligaments, tendons). He was also advised to lessen his gym activities especially weight training for this might cause the chest pain. A piece of advise, if you'll go weight training PLEASE, consult first a Physical / Gym Trainer. 

Now on a lighter note, we got home at around 3pm and the door bell rang, a package. I even asked myself, what was the last item I bought online? Can't think of any. Until I opened and literally shouted "Daaaaaaaaaah!" Okay, the Husband was smiling from the living room, he asked me to try it on, it was one comfortable shoe. I even tried carrying Travis though I felt like I'm stepping on a hollow block, and a Coconut-high tree, (sorry, I'm exaggerating, I'm not just used to wearing HIGH heels/wedge) I can walk with it. I can. And what's the best thing, it's in my size. Should I say what's my shoe size? Uhmm, okay I'm size 11 (41). Yes, I'm a big girl with a big foot. And I'm good with it, as long as there's a shoe in my size. 

Thank You Jason. I love you -- not just for the shoe huh.


July 18, 2011

Meet my A-Boys!

Let me tell you a story about them. 

Before the small A turn one month old, the big A have to leave for a 10-month contract and work on a cruise ship. It was a big turn for the A family to let big A leave, a challenge, a big one.  However we have to face reality, in fact it was big A's first official job. Here's big A with small A, taken last Sept. 4 2010.


See them now. Taken last July 16, 2011.

Okay, I'm not jealous. I swear. Not even a bit. Cause hey, they deserve to be together. They need to catch up with that 10 months of being away from each other.

So what's my part now? Besides from bringing the diaper bag and feeding bottles, the second most important thing is my camera, my new handy buddy Solenn. And we just love her to bits.

These are my A-Boys! My life. My everything. I love them that I only get to share their pictures, just pictures with everyone. Hahaha. Well, you can blame the 10 months. (continue: Hahahaha) 

July 13, 2011


Today, I'll share to you some of the things we did yesterday. Our Travis celebrated his 11th month (071211) and that means he'll be turning BIG ONE by next month.

And Pedia visits resumes.

He's a good boy.. Dra. Mae did the routine check-up without any complain from the birthday boy.
He weighs 9.9 kgs with a length of 76cm (almost 3 feet now).

And since the Husband's sister just works near, we dropped by.

And he played with cute boy, Kuya Brian


He's taking baby steps to walking. He loves to walk.

As we head home, we dropped by Mom's fave bakeshop, Dulcinea to grab a cake and some bite-size goodies.

Now, what's the best time to wrap us the day? PLAY TIME.

It's one best fun-filled day. We get to almost 10hrs of sleep. We're just tired but happy.
I'm getting used to this, well who cares, I can do this all our days, yes I can.

July 12, 2011

Sunday is Family Day


Last Sunday was the only day that I get to see my whole family complete, free from school days and work days too. I got teary-eyed that day seeing all four of my Kuyas, imagine my 4 siblings plus our own families, though I haven't asked Dad and Mom what they felt that day, seeing us 5 with our own family. I'm so happy and blessed to see them in one day. And I can't wait to be with them again this weekend.

Please spend the day with your family, if it may be every hour, every minute please do. 

July 11, 2011

BTS: Photoshoot with Daddy


Who's tired? And the photo shoot really haven't started yet.


They definitely had a good time, agree?
The Husband being away for 10 months deserves that photo shoot with his boy, Travis. 
And they have lots of good shots too, can't wait to see them all. 

Travis and Daddy J had the best time. They always have. I'm happy seeing them together, that it seems there were no days, months apart. One funny thing that Travis does is when you tell him to call Daddy, he'll put his hand on his ear (as if holding a phone) and say Da-da-da. Hahaha. 

Just yesterday, we had lunch with my family's side and dinner with his side. We enjoyed and had so much fun. And that was our weekend, how's yours? 

Great week ahead y'all! 

July 4, 2011

Self-Potrait, NO MORE.



I hold the camera, I took the picture. And yes, I still say "Picture Babe, 1, 2,3 Smile" *click* 
Now since the Husband is here and the Yaya is also here, we can have like 189729872972 pictures and more, everyday. 

July 1, 2011

Step Ahead at 10 months

This I have to share.

One boring afternoon, at the living room. Waiting for Upin and Ipin

There he is, making his few steps. I'm a proud Momma. 

And that's one good welcome news for the Daddy who's coming home. 


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