July 18, 2011

Meet my A-Boys!

Let me tell you a story about them. 

Before the small A turn one month old, the big A have to leave for a 10-month contract and work on a cruise ship. It was a big turn for the A family to let big A leave, a challenge, a big one.  However we have to face reality, in fact it was big A's first official job. Here's big A with small A, taken last Sept. 4 2010.


See them now. Taken last July 16, 2011.

Okay, I'm not jealous. I swear. Not even a bit. Cause hey, they deserve to be together. They need to catch up with that 10 months of being away from each other.

So what's my part now? Besides from bringing the diaper bag and feeding bottles, the second most important thing is my camera, my new handy buddy Solenn. And we just love her to bits.

These are my A-Boys! My life. My everything. I love them that I only get to share their pictures, just pictures with everyone. Hahaha. Well, you can blame the 10 months. (continue: Hahahaha) 


  1. congratulations! happy to know that you are all together. :)

  2. Hi Ms. Sarah!

    I really enjoy reading your blog because it really show how you love being a mommy and your baby is just so cute.

    I don't know how I've come across your blog but what caught me the most the first time is that when I read a post that you're husband works overseas and over seas, because at that time I could relate since my boyfriend is also a seafarer and just left the same time as your husband did.

    I had no one to talk to about how sad the experience was since I'm only 23 and my friends of the same age wouldn't understand the feeling. So I felt some sort of connection with you, because both our loved ones were away and of the same profession. After that, I just constantly check your blog. =)

    My boyfriend is supposed to come home after 10mos as well but he came back earlier, just 2mos after he left because the shipping line he was on was sold and the crew had to go home. I thought it was the universe conspiring giving us more time together but sadly he broke up with me as soon as he came back. I'm still in the process of getting over it but I'm very happy nonetheless that you're family is all together again and I can't help but marvel (and a bit inggit too! =p) at the happiness and excitement in your life right now, that I thought would be have been my case as well. =)

    I just wanted to share what your blog has done for me and I hope you don't find it too weird. =p I think this post is a bit incoherent but I do hope you get what I'm saying. =)

    Thank you and congratulations on such a wonderful family. =)

    xxx, O


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