July 22, 2011

He is a Surpriser


Yesterday, Hubs and I were off to visit our Uncle Doc's clinic for a check-up. Aside from his cough, there's nothing wrong with the x-ray findings, though we need to seek an Orthopedic to address his somewhat serious chest pain, (read: muscles, ligaments, tendons). He was also advised to lessen his gym activities especially weight training for this might cause the chest pain. A piece of advise, if you'll go weight training PLEASE, consult first a Physical / Gym Trainer. 

Now on a lighter note, we got home at around 3pm and the door bell rang, a package. I even asked myself, what was the last item I bought online? Can't think of any. Until I opened and literally shouted "Daaaaaaaaaah!" Okay, the Husband was smiling from the living room, he asked me to try it on, it was one comfortable shoe. I even tried carrying Travis though I felt like I'm stepping on a hollow block, and a Coconut-high tree, (sorry, I'm exaggerating, I'm not just used to wearing HIGH heels/wedge) I can walk with it. I can. And what's the best thing, it's in my size. Should I say what's my shoe size? Uhmm, okay I'm size 11 (41). Yes, I'm a big girl with a big foot. And I'm good with it, as long as there's a shoe in my size. 

Thank You Jason. I love you -- not just for the shoe huh.



  1. yey!congrats Ms.Sarah!your shoes are gorgeous! ;)i love surprises too

  2. Yay! Love the shoes! I wonder when my Jeff will buy me shoes too. Hahaha.

  3. is it bamboo?

    mga jaysons talaga!

  4. oh no! dollhouse pala. my black wooden wedge is dollhouse. comfy and really high.

  5. super nice shoes. sana lahat ng boys sweet like that. surprises are nice :)

  6. wee so sweeet!! :) cute ganbda ng shoes ...:) u deserved it pretty mom!!!

  7. mother! i want those shoes!!!!!!!
    where did he buy?:)

  8. i love surprises and i love shoes! :) ang sweet naman ni hubby. sana ako rin! haha! :P -haze


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