December 26, 2011

A Christmas Greeting

It's already a day pass Christmas, still the holiday feast and warmness is yet won't like to leave. And since we're all busy, we run late sending out our greeting..


Here's from the Alconcel Family to Yours.

Now, we count down to the New Year! It's 2012! Cheers!

December 18, 2011

Note to Santa

A note:

Hey Santa, is it really 7 days to go before Christmas Day? It was fast. Of course, we're excited for this day, especially Mom, you see I can participate in opening my gifts, unlike last year I was soundly asleep while they exchange gifts. And know what, Daddy is here, he decided to stay with us for the Holidays. For now, I won't be thinking about what will happen next Christmas, all I know is I have Mommy, Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa, relatives, cousins and friends -- my whole family to spend it with, so that spell perfect, not to mention I get to open gifts too. 

Oh, Santa thanks for giving me this candies, I shared it with my Ate Tin, Mommy and Daddy - we liked it. 

Lastly Santa, I wanna know what's your Christmas wish?

Note from:
Travis (translated by Mom)

December 10, 2011

At Your Side

I' I thank my friend Mommy Denise for sharing this site.

He doesn't want to hold hand anymore, 
As if he wants to explore the jungle (read WORLD) on his own. 

Sorry little boy, Daddy and Mommy will always be here, holding you tight, side by side..

until our thick hair turns gray.

Happy Saturday everyone! 
15 days to go before Christmas, have you prepared your menu for Noche Buena? I did.

December 5, 2011

I Always Have The BEST Birthday (Part Two)

Since my birthday started BEST, I had my energy to fill up my whole day. Cooked, ordered some and prepared our lunch.

The Husband and I had breakfast. Since the grocery opens at 830am, we waited. I look like a hungry hippo here. Excuse me..

And here's what happened next..

I had two cakes, a 1 mile Black Velvet Cake from Conti's and Carrot Cake (with walnuts, yum!) from Fleur De Lys.. Thanks to my nephew, Shyan.

And gifts from Mom, My sis-in-laws, Hubs, niece Mynjel and Travis and my Bes, Sof.

My family.

Spot my bestfriend! I miss her.

And Manong Sorbetero is here.

I had a blast, I wanna thank everyone who SMS'd, send PM, tweets, DM'd, BBM'd, posted on my FB wall, even emailed ( and everything in between) to send their greetings and made a wish in my behalf. I pray that God would bless everyone of you as He blesses me and my family. I am 27, full of happiness, love and blessed. I am forever grateful. 

While the Husband and I were planning to go out on a date, we changed our mind, since we don't wanna leave Travis, we stayed home, opened a vodka cruiser for me and JD for him and we know, we're all good. 

I Always Have The BEST Birthday (Part One)


That Saturday morning, I woke up with these in our bed..

The best birthday card!

from my little boy, Travis..

Right then, I knew that I'll have the best-est birthday ever.. What next? Read part two.

November 27, 2011

He's Now A...

...A hugger, a kisser and now appreciates and says "Ganda" (beautiful) whenever he sees a little (toddler) girl, he just wants to kiss and hug her right away. I don't know, maybe he just appreciates girls (even women), maybe, just maybe like his Mom (now that's another conclusion I made, I'm a fan of him). And he even smiles and says "Ganda" to every little girl or woman he sees wearing a dress.

These gestures, though I myself don't understand, I know are signs of his development as a toddler, as what his Pedia says, his development and skills are advance, he can say Daddy (his fave), Mommy, Ate, Tin (yaya), Tatay, Nanay, Lana (wala na), doon, he can call my older brother Junjun, his neph Kyle as kangkang, Ate Rose (househelp), car, dede, kyu (thank you), byu (love you) and many more. I am happy that he's now uttering words whenever he wants something, (*and a light bulb shows up here*) maybe that's what he is thinking, when he says "Ganda" he'll get a hug or a kiss? Hmmmmm, what you think? 

At least he says a thing, other than grab you and hug or kiss you right away. 

November 24, 2011

Boss Travis?

Early morning, the door bell rang, and Mr. JRS sent a package. The little boy was still sleeping then. When I opened a package it was the Buzz Light Year seat I saw online, how can I thank my fellow online seller for letting shopping so easy - breezy, don't you agree? Told the Daddy to set it up for me, we waited until Travis wakes up and sees his new seat. Now after seeing his photos, you will agree he likes - love it, right?

Now there's something about Buzz Light Year that fascinates our kids! Can somebody tell me what is it? I'm clueless. 

That's why my desktop looks like this: 

So whenever I open it, Travis will say: "Buzz, Buzz, Buuzzzzzzzz!"

November 18, 2011

GT: My Style Icon

There's something about her and I just don't know what exactly it is. Maybe the way she represent herself, her smile, she can be (fashion) weird sometimes but can be at her glamorous style.Or probably I just like the whole her, funky and stylish. Whenever I get online I always check Drew's latest fashion, what she wore where, she's an icon (at least for me), really.

Lately I always see myself in dress and cardigan, well it's the easiest (next to shirt and jeans) to wear nowadays. With it, I can run and chase Travis while playing, oh just don't forget to wear the right undergarment, okay? I may not know much about fashion the current and the-not, but at least I mix and match basics and I'm good with that. Hahaha.  

I think I was late for GT for this week, aww, I was way too busy with reports and my online store. But at least I still had that time to "Girl Talk" :)

November 7, 2011

Lor, Lor, Lor.

One weekend, I with Travis and his cousins Cathy and Miguel had a trip to National Bookstore, I thought of buying books, but on second thought Travis have enough, so I got us some Christmas coloring books, Word search for the Daddy and Mommy, yes we love old school word search, even if we have those on our iPad, I still prefer it the old way. And that 64pcs Crayons, that's mine (for now) I'm not really an artist but I can color and I use them to write love letters for the Daddy, yes, I still write love letters for him. I also bought photo albums - that's for all the printed pictures which I almost forgot na. Those jelly pens and candy colored markers? They're for love letter for the Husband too. 

I'm so happy that Travis is enjoying his drawing book and his crayons. He writes only on a blank paper, and claps whenever he sees what he draws.

And how did we know he wants to draw/color? He says: "Lor-lor-lor"

November 3, 2011

GTTan + Pattern, Not Bad for a Wish Right?

Lately, there's something about Tan or some say, Nude or Beige color lately. I want to try one soon, I don't know - maybe I'm just curious if it would accentuate my skin tone. Since we'll be attending two special event by January, I'm thinking of sporting somewhat this kind of dress/es, and can you see how nice their patterns are? Okay, it won't be as fitted as this two, for I won't give justice to that kind of dress, maybe I'll ask our trusted seamstress to do some adjustment and yes, I'm wishing for that one tan or nude or beige dress with pattern, oh did I say it should be knee length and maybe an pencil - cut dress. 

photo source here and here.

We'll see, we'll see. As a Mom to a 1 year 2 month young energetic little Travis, I dress with sleeves, with a good cut, carefree dress and won't reveal any part of my cleavage cause running and chasing Travis is always part of my day.

And this would be my first ever Girl's Talk entry, I welcome myself. I'm excited to check out their entries too. So click away.

November 1, 2011

Last Year

Those are some of Travis pictures taken 12 months ago, and was 12 days to until he's 3 month young. 

And now he's going 15 months, that's 1 year and 3 months, tell you that was fast. I never thought we (that's the Husband and I) can make this through and also with the help of my family, we all did it. I know there's more months and years that will pass by our lives, there are changes - might be good or not on our favor but I'll be embracing them, because all through the way, I know I have my family at my back, who'll be supporting us. 

And that's how I will let Travis grow old with. That's a promise. 

October 23, 2011

Boo-Time! at Fun Ranch

My scary Travis (is he?) Haha

This event just brings out the kid in me, with this food carts.
Cotton Candy
Ice Cream 
and Pop Corn!

There's story-telling about Tikbalang by Ate Lyn of Adarna House.

Now there's game time for parents too. And did you see Daddy Jason up there? Haha. Travis was all eyes on him and saying, "Da-deeeey" I think he's cheering for his Dad.

And though his team didn't won, he took home one of Adarna House's book Chenelyn, Chenelyn! 

And we witness the fast hands err magic of Kuya Brix..

It's Trick or Treat time! My little Boo! will scare them for treats! Boo! 

We enjoyed our Boo-Time! Probably next year will join an event like this. 

October 17, 2011

68 Days Countdown

Would you believe it? 68 more days and it's Christmas! It was pretty fast-fast huh. But in our home, it's officially started, that's why as early as October, we set-up our family's first ever Christmas Tree, we had trees before but this one is different, we decorated it, it's gonna be one complete holiday for us, The Husband is here, Travis knows much about opening gifts though I'm not sure if he'll get up at midnight, hope he will, cause last year he was all asleep soundly beside me while we're exchanging gifts. I'm planning everything from shopping, gifts, menu and where and when to go to celebrate it. I want my family to enjoy this Holidays. I am so excited. This by far is the most perfect Christmas and I'm forever thankful for this opportunity given, I promised to savor each second of the hour of the day of the month of this Holiday! I can't wait to start to Christmas shopping huh! 

Then 22 days before Christmas, I'll be celebrating my 27th birthday, the Husband told me if I have a birthday wish, I said it's granted. Wanna know what is it? It's Christmas with him and Travis. *kilig* thats more than enough, I could say. 

So friends, girlfriends, Mommies, Daddies - everyone, let's join together to celebrate the Holidays and welcome 2012! 

Have a Blessed Christmas to us all!


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