November 27, 2011

He's Now A...

...A hugger, a kisser and now appreciates and says "Ganda" (beautiful) whenever he sees a little (toddler) girl, he just wants to kiss and hug her right away. I don't know, maybe he just appreciates girls (even women), maybe, just maybe like his Mom (now that's another conclusion I made, I'm a fan of him). And he even smiles and says "Ganda" to every little girl or woman he sees wearing a dress.

These gestures, though I myself don't understand, I know are signs of his development as a toddler, as what his Pedia says, his development and skills are advance, he can say Daddy (his fave), Mommy, Ate, Tin (yaya), Tatay, Nanay, Lana (wala na), doon, he can call my older brother Junjun, his neph Kyle as kangkang, Ate Rose (househelp), car, dede, kyu (thank you), byu (love you) and many more. I am happy that he's now uttering words whenever he wants something, (*and a light bulb shows up here*) maybe that's what he is thinking, when he says "Ganda" he'll get a hug or a kiss? Hmmmmm, what you think? 

At least he says a thing, other than grab you and hug or kiss you right away. 


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