November 7, 2011

Lor, Lor, Lor.

One weekend, I with Travis and his cousins Cathy and Miguel had a trip to National Bookstore, I thought of buying books, but on second thought Travis have enough, so I got us some Christmas coloring books, Word search for the Daddy and Mommy, yes we love old school word search, even if we have those on our iPad, I still prefer it the old way. And that 64pcs Crayons, that's mine (for now) I'm not really an artist but I can color and I use them to write love letters for the Daddy, yes, I still write love letters for him. I also bought photo albums - that's for all the printed pictures which I almost forgot na. Those jelly pens and candy colored markers? They're for love letter for the Husband too. 

I'm so happy that Travis is enjoying his drawing book and his crayons. He writes only on a blank paper, and claps whenever he sees what he draws.

And how did we know he wants to draw/color? He says: "Lor-lor-lor"


  1. How sweet to be still writing love letters. Keep it up! I haven't visited for a while and I see that Travis is all grown up :)

  2. Aww, thanks :) Travis had grown up being a little man, somewhat like his Daddy lately. Haha ;)

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  4. Isn't it just wonderful that Travis enjoys drawing? I read somewhere that it's better for kids to draw on blank paper than for them to color in coloring books. It enhances their creativity more, without the restriction of lines.

  5. no wonder you'll have a toddler artist!
    thanks for visiting my site (^^)


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