November 3, 2011

GTTan + Pattern, Not Bad for a Wish Right?

Lately, there's something about Tan or some say, Nude or Beige color lately. I want to try one soon, I don't know - maybe I'm just curious if it would accentuate my skin tone. Since we'll be attending two special event by January, I'm thinking of sporting somewhat this kind of dress/es, and can you see how nice their patterns are? Okay, it won't be as fitted as this two, for I won't give justice to that kind of dress, maybe I'll ask our trusted seamstress to do some adjustment and yes, I'm wishing for that one tan or nude or beige dress with pattern, oh did I say it should be knee length and maybe an pencil - cut dress. 

photo source here and here.

We'll see, we'll see. As a Mom to a 1 year 2 month young energetic little Travis, I dress with sleeves, with a good cut, carefree dress and won't reveal any part of my cleavage cause running and chasing Travis is always part of my day.

And this would be my first ever Girl's Talk entry, I welcome myself. I'm excited to check out their entries too. So click away.


  1. nice patterns on the dresses! the cut is simple but the patterns more than make up for it. hmmm.. i don't have anything in tan, too. so that makes two of us :D

  2. WOW! which i could wear something like that...

    by the way do you mind checking out on The Shack At The End of the Road?

  3. Gorgeous dress! I have but one or two dress in brown colors. Just very few coz I don't look good kasi in a brown motif. Lol.

    Was here for GT. I shared about my JLo's Crop Jacket Desire. :)

  4. both are beautiful dresses but like the right better :-) am sure you look sexy on them, dropping some love for Girls Talk, hope that you can visit me back too


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