November 5, 2013

Celebrating Two Birthdays!

I salute Ate Nhel, she's been with us since May of this year, and since then she never asked for a day-off. Probably because she doesn't know anyone from here besides us, for me it's a good thing but of course she needs a day-off and she deserves one. For that 5 months we've been together, from day one she never gave me an headache. She asks whenever she doesn't know what to do, which I like from her. And the bottomline, Travis love him, just like last night, my Mom brought us a box of donut, while eating he called Ate Nhel and shared one donut without anyone telling him to do so. Am happy he understands that sharing is caring. And his Ate Nhel comes first. 

Ate Nhel's Birthday falls on a Wednesday (Oct 23) while Ate Monic's (our househelp) is by Thursday (Oct 24). We started making fruit salad at home and treat Ate Nhel for a lunch. Ate Monic is much of a home-buddy so we promised to buy then cakes on their birthdate and they agreed.

As promised, cake on their birthdate. 
Am sharing this to give Nanny's and Helpers and the like the privilege they deserve for serving us the way we asked and wanted. For the trust we gave each other and the passion for the work they have. Kudos to our helpers! How would we do all things without them, right?

September 17, 2013

Instax It!

With our technology now, where you can just take picture and right then and there you can post it to various social medias accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or even edit it before you post it through Instagram. In the verge of this options given to us by technology, we neglect to have them printed, c'mon tell me when was the last time you printed your pictures? I bet your smartphones have 3,000 plus pictures (like mine) but since then you haven't had the time to visit the photo store to have them printed. And just lately I decided to get one of this Instax, I got the most inexpensive and manual type, the Fujifilm Instax Mini8 in Black. I told myself I need one, cause we're too lazy to go to a photo store to have them printed, so I think this could be a solution well for now. 

And I gotta share some of our pictures too: 
We had dinner at Stacy's, celebrating my Sister-in-laws' birthday.. 

And from one of our weekend out-of-towns, shots from Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay.  

But honestly, I still use my phone and camera to take pictures. But I seldom post it all to my social accounts, am keeping all to a minimum. 

And if you would ask where I buy supplies for my Instax? You can check their Fb account Instax Online Ph, or follow them on Instagram: @instaxonline_ph

September 13, 2013

Travis' And His Minion Themed Party

Let me share this to you, after I posted pictures of Travis' minion party, I received messages asking where I got this or that, so I decided to make an entry to help Moms/Aunt/Sis or any event planner to help them save (yes, read it right SAVE!) it's in the matter of setting your budget, and stick to it!

So where will I start?
It was then June, when I ask Travis what theme he wants for his birthday, he always says, soldier or army. So okay, that would be easy, because it's generic. But then comes July, out the Despicable Me 2 movie, he then like Minions, so Minions it is. I searched Google and Pinterest for ideas, and all of them were do-it-yourself which won't make it, because I'm a working (busy) Mom. But with the help of online sellers and sticking to the theme Minions (which are yellows and blues) I think we pulled everything off just right.

So let's start with?
A. My Party Planner, Ms Ley and Mr. JB of InstaShot Photobooth.
    Got their Package that includes:
1. Event Styling, I personally requested less on balloons, and still they made everything look so great! Fun-tastic styling guys! Designs were made of lanterns, medallions, diy minion bottles. They also provide our game master and sound system too. 
While that Travis standee in the middle (him with an ice cream on his hand) was ordered through Aimee of Ma Arte Aims

2. Candy Buffet, surely their gummies, candies, oh those yogurt sticks are FTW

3. Face Paint, for an activity on the side.

4. Magician: JB Lazerman, since Travis is Three now, he can then participate in the games, not to mention perform some serious magic. You can check his FB Page here: Lasermagic by JB Dela Cruz

5. Three 3 hours standee photobooth, which we, our relatives and guests enjoyed. 

B. SisterArt : Cake and Cupcakes
Because we wouldn't want to miss SisterArt! :) More of their art cakes at their FB Page: SisterArt Bakeshop

C. Mascot and Photo Coverage: Ren Events. Visit their page here:

D: Give-aways & Prizes, candies, gummies:  I bought them over at FB online sellers. I listed their FB links and what we ordered from them. 

   Paulen's PartyNeeds: From party prizes to candies, I ordered three times from this shop.

     Partie Invitazion: Tumblers and Bag Tags - useful and convenient, and cute too. 

Personalized Kids Minions shirts - Markchen's Shop

Table Centerpiece is a must since I don't put much of balloons, and our guests took them home. from Kulukuti Haws.

I believe you can get everything in one supplier, but for someone like Me, who won't settle for one, I think this could be of help. 

Oh, Food, before I forget. I booked them through Rose, a good friend whose a event stylist and planner too, check out their FB Page here: The Eventologist. And their food was great, especially their beef broccoli and baked macaroni. 

To cap off this post, I have to share this photo, where Travis and Laserman gets to amaze everyone with their snow magic: 

and I'll get this opportunity to thank everyone who helped and inspired me. And as I post this entry I hope I get to help making any themed party possible, well as your birthday boy/girl thought of. Happy Planning! :) 

April 21, 2013

Travis' First Week at School

Travis is a big boy now, a toddler. I should admit that. At 2 years and 8 month old, the babydaddy and I decided to enroll him in a summer class for Toddlers where we got Reading, Writing and Math as his subjects for now. 

He's a good boy, I was with him the whole time and being a strong and independent boy I know (just like his Dad) he survived his first day (and eventually his first week) which made me so proud of. 

He's taking baby(toddler) steps to be with kids his age, both boys and girls too, and we think he'll go well.
His summer class lasts until May 15, from there we thought of looking for other pre-school for him for school year 2013-2014, and I don't think I'm ready, yet. 

Oh, did I say I bought him one set of uniform. Well, I wanna make him feel how to be a real student with uniform, it suits him well and he likes it. 

April 5, 2013

January 23, 2013

Greeting Cards

When was the last time you actually wrote a greeting card? With all the wide range and assortment that stores have, come chose and get one for someone special. That I miss, blame technology, blame FB, twitter and other social media, well excuse to people who are miles away, but hey it's never to late to go back to basic, eh?

So get one! I just did, since my Mom and Dad doesn't have FB with no plans of having one, and they'll be celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary on February 14, yes, Valentine's day. I always see to it that they'll receive greetings cards from me and my sibs on their special day, oh and that made me think of buying the Husband, and oh am making one for Travis too, hope he'll appreciate it. 


Make those red pens ready too. 

Q: Do you spray his or your fave perfume on cards? 

January 5, 2013

To My Mom

Happy Birthday to You!!! 

You are the BEST! I love you! 

PS, by the time I reach your age (praying that I will) I know I'll look like you! 

January 2, 2013

2012, the Year that Was and Here's to 2013

2012 has been good, great and perfect for me, my family and love ones. 

And there's more to life -- 2013! 

We welcome the year with sky lanterns and some light fireworks. 

Thank you Lord for all the blessings, opportunity and challenges that made us strong and understanding. May we continue to serve our purpose that we may Glorify You.

Happy New Year Everyone! 


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