November 5, 2013

Celebrating Two Birthdays!

I salute Ate Nhel, she's been with us since May of this year, and since then she never asked for a day-off. Probably because she doesn't know anyone from here besides us, for me it's a good thing but of course she needs a day-off and she deserves one. For that 5 months we've been together, from day one she never gave me an headache. She asks whenever she doesn't know what to do, which I like from her. And the bottomline, Travis love him, just like last night, my Mom brought us a box of donut, while eating he called Ate Nhel and shared one donut without anyone telling him to do so. Am happy he understands that sharing is caring. And his Ate Nhel comes first. 

Ate Nhel's Birthday falls on a Wednesday (Oct 23) while Ate Monic's (our househelp) is by Thursday (Oct 24). We started making fruit salad at home and treat Ate Nhel for a lunch. Ate Monic is much of a home-buddy so we promised to buy then cakes on their birthdate and they agreed.

As promised, cake on their birthdate. 
Am sharing this to give Nanny's and Helpers and the like the privilege they deserve for serving us the way we asked and wanted. For the trust we gave each other and the passion for the work they have. Kudos to our helpers! How would we do all things without them, right?


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