October 23, 2011

Boo-Time! at Fun Ranch

My scary Travis (is he?) Haha

This event just brings out the kid in me, with this food carts.
Cotton Candy
Ice Cream 
and Pop Corn!

There's story-telling about Tikbalang by Ate Lyn of Adarna House.

Now there's game time for parents too. And did you see Daddy Jason up there? Haha. Travis was all eyes on him and saying, "Da-deeeey" I think he's cheering for his Dad.

And though his team didn't won, he took home one of Adarna House's book Chenelyn, Chenelyn! 

And we witness the fast hands err magic of Kuya Brix..

It's Trick or Treat time! My little Boo! will scare them for treats! Boo! 

We enjoyed our Boo-Time! Probably next year will join an event like this. 

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