October 11, 2011

And another haircut

Remember the last time I had an entry about Travis' series of haircut, YES! Yes, we had it again today October 11, 2011 - a day before he turns 14 months. His hair doesn't grow longer but thicker, just like my hair, I had natural curls and thick hair, it doesn't show and that I thank my stylist Pats, hair treatments and my handy-dandy babyliss hair iron

Anyway, our Cuts4Tots membership which entitles Travis for a 10% discount for every haircut was sulit (It's like getting more than what we pay for) he had an haircut 3 times, that's one haircut every month. 

When I was asked what cut I like for Travis (shaved head wasn't an option, the Husband says no), I said make it thin, his hair cutter (the girl with the longest hair in the picture below) suggest to have a barber's cut (more like a binata cut), more cleaner and more thinner. This was the time I was calling the Husband, whose taking much time looking for a parking space. Ugh! But not to waste time, I just said yes. 

Everything was going well, until he heard the sound of an electric razor, and there he started crying, good thing we were the only customer that time. Toys were lined up for him to play, making bubbles, and his favorite SpongeBob was playing on the TV screen, but there were no match from the sound of the razor. But thanks to these three girls (sorry, I didn't get their names) for being patient, not just for Travis, but for every kid having their haircut. Will see you again next month. 

After the haircut, Travis got a treat. A carousel ride and an ice cream. 

And that's his where-is-my-ice-cream look. 


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