September 9, 2011

Series of Haircut


Hey, there Travis


This was taken on his birthday, August 12, 2011 just the day he turns One. See how long and curly and thick his hair is, some says he got it from his Granddad, but hey, I'm claiming it. I have thick and natural wavy hair so he might got it from me. 

And we decided to cut it shorter just in time for his birthday party. Okay, I'm not looking nervous there, well honestly yes, I almost got teary-eyed when I saw his hair na on the floor. Whew.
He got his haircut at CuTs4Tots Salon at their Trinoma Branch. And have his First Professional Haircut Certificate which include a certificate with cute design, baby's lock of hair, with before and after haircut photos.
Way tooooo cool huh!


And last monday, (Sept 5, 2011) I assume he needs another haircut, in less than a month, his hair grows thicker, not long eh. 


And tadaaaah!


Now, I'm enjoying his new hair on him. He looks like a big boy na. Now I say, time flies soooooooooo fast.

Next month, we'll see if he needs another haircut, by then I'll suggest to shave it all off. We'll see. 


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