September 28, 2011

The A's goes to SG - Part One

Left Manila pass 10 in the morning and by 2pm we arrived at Singapore, safe and sound. Greeted by our best girl friend Leona, and before I continue, can I say a BIG THANK YOU to Leona whose been with us in and around SG, we wouldn't have a grandest time/days there without her. Sorry that we had to let you walk the whole day, but it's worth it, even Travis can attest to that - cause we had the best-est time! Can we do it again? 

Now before we do the "walkathon" around SG, we decided to check in first at V Hotel, so we can settle our things first, then off we go to the first stop, Ion Orchard. 



And who wouldn't enjoy if you're with two of the best girl friend huh?

Ninang Labs Leona, Travis and Ninang Bes Sofie <3
And since us, the girls are enjoying each others company, I gave the Husband the reason why we have to go visit SG this time. 


Yes, the SG F1 Night Race. Isn't that hitting two birds in one big stone eh? Now, that's what I call, fair! 

Our day one was just perfect, and we're so excited come Day two, it's Universal Studios time! 


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