December 18, 2011

Note to Santa

A note:

Hey Santa, is it really 7 days to go before Christmas Day? It was fast. Of course, we're excited for this day, especially Mom, you see I can participate in opening my gifts, unlike last year I was soundly asleep while they exchange gifts. And know what, Daddy is here, he decided to stay with us for the Holidays. For now, I won't be thinking about what will happen next Christmas, all I know is I have Mommy, Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa, relatives, cousins and friends -- my whole family to spend it with, so that spell perfect, not to mention I get to open gifts too. 

Oh, Santa thanks for giving me this candies, I shared it with my Ate Tin, Mommy and Daddy - we liked it. 

Lastly Santa, I wanna know what's your Christmas wish?

Note from:
Travis (translated by Mom)


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