December 5, 2011

I Always Have The BEST Birthday (Part Two)

Since my birthday started BEST, I had my energy to fill up my whole day. Cooked, ordered some and prepared our lunch.

The Husband and I had breakfast. Since the grocery opens at 830am, we waited. I look like a hungry hippo here. Excuse me..

And here's what happened next..

I had two cakes, a 1 mile Black Velvet Cake from Conti's and Carrot Cake (with walnuts, yum!) from Fleur De Lys.. Thanks to my nephew, Shyan.

And gifts from Mom, My sis-in-laws, Hubs, niece Mynjel and Travis and my Bes, Sof.

My family.

Spot my bestfriend! I miss her.

And Manong Sorbetero is here.

I had a blast, I wanna thank everyone who SMS'd, send PM, tweets, DM'd, BBM'd, posted on my FB wall, even emailed ( and everything in between) to send their greetings and made a wish in my behalf. I pray that God would bless everyone of you as He blesses me and my family. I am 27, full of happiness, love and blessed. I am forever grateful. 

While the Husband and I were planning to go out on a date, we changed our mind, since we don't wanna leave Travis, we stayed home, opened a vodka cruiser for me and JD for him and we know, we're all good. 


  1. hahah si barney anjan mwahahaha!!!

  2. wow! that was a really happy birthday! belated Happy Birthday, girl!

    by the way, do you mind checking out on Mommy Laptop?

  3. Thanks Bes for coming, as always. I love you..

    Thanks Kimmy. Visited your link ;)

  4. happy birthday! have more blessed birthdays :)


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