July 24, 2011

It's Out


They're out.

Friends and Family, also Travis' friends too have copies now, do you have yours?  
I am happy with all the "Yes, we'll be coming" replies coming from them and now I want to thank them all in advance, I can't wait to see all of them in one special day for the family.
I want this day to be extra special, besides it's a triple celebration so I'll take the blame for everything.

I want also to take this privilege to thank *the artist* April of  for making this project -- the invites, the tags, the thank you cards and table numbers, I'm still astounded with how she did it with just an exchange of emails. With all her artistry and magic and power (which all I don't have) I thank her for being patience with my request and favors without giving any idea - read: blank. Artist like her are gifted, they really are, and like me, we need them. 

As of now, we have an option to send invites through Facebook and it makes things easier, take it from me. Though for some that wants an invite, I send them one or even two, so wait until the mailman rings the doorbell, that might be a copy of this invite. *wink

Have a great week all. It's almost the last week for July and let's be ready for August! Okay, I'm just sooooooo excited. 


  1. it was truly an honor to receive our invitation personally from travis! thought he was gonna eat it before it landed to my hands LOL =) We are eggcited na! Thanks!

  2. Wow! Really cool invites you got there! And you're baby is so cute! =)

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