February 12, 2011

Of Balloons and Birthday

Baby Travis just turned 6 months today, February 12, and it marks the go-green sign to start planning his and the Husbands birthday on August. Isn't it great celebrating their birthdays in just one day.. Great deal eh? Btw, the Husbands birthdate is August 13. Last year, his birthday was set (that) set aside, we were at the hospital then, so I promised him to give him and Travis one big bash on his next birthday, now that's what I call pressure. And since today marks Travis 6th month might as well celebrate it the unusual way other than cake and 6 candles. We visited Clark, Phils to witness the 16th Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival Event, this happens every year, and this was my (our) first time. And I know next year we'll be there earlier, so we'll get the best parking slot, best hot air balloons pictures and souvenirs too.

And I thank my nephew, Engr. Joseph for joining us for this one great outta town trip!

Until next year, by then we had new company, right Hubs?


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