January 5, 2012


I want to write a letter for Mom over here at my blog, on second thought I did not cause the time and space and my brain won't let me. Okay, honestly I am gonna cry. 

So I'm gonna make it short. 

If I were to ask who I want be when I get much older? I would gladly say, my Mom. 
She is just different, the patience, the unconditional love, support, her everyday life-saving tips, her old stories, I love everything about her, she's one perfect woman, a wonderful gift from God. 

We're 43 years apart, so that means she's 42 when she gave birth with me, though I am one size bigger than her, I look up to her, she's my idol and whoever I am yesterday, today and tomorrow it's because of my Mommy Lita.

Happy 70th Birthday Ma, I love you. 
We all love you. 

I hope you had a great intimate dinner with us. We we're all preparing for one big party for you but we know you're one reserved person, so we decided we won't share you to anyone. 

All the love, 
Your only daughter
Mylene Sarah


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