June 15, 2011

Four Year and More..


Celebrated our First Anniversary together with his family. Jason in his body 20kls lighter, while I never thought I'll wear a yellow head band with a royal blue top. Where they thought it was my birthday..


Second Anniversary was just US with his Nephew AJ. Just had dinner and coffee.

And four days after off we go to Boracay, Yay!



This was last year, the most decent picture we had together. I'm going 8 months on my pregnancy, isn't it obvious that I hid behind my Husband. Yes, you heard it right, early last year we got married. We celebrated it with my Mom, Kuya Ryan, Ate Sheryl, Shyan and Yenyen. 

And this year, though the Husband is not any nearer and working his butt aboard, I will be celebrating it with his mini-me, Travis. It's gonna be just Me and Travis on a dinner date on our Fourth Anniversary. Right then, I called up our fave resto and reserved a seat for two.

And today the 15th, it's official I'm counting the days until the Husband arrives and that's 16 days from now.

Can't hardly wait! Travis and I misses HIM so much! Expect more of wacky-us, and now we're THREE!


  1. Weeeee.. I bet Mhy, gusto mo na hilahin yung mga araw!! hahaha.

    I know the feeling, buti ka nga kasama mo sya during pregnancy and delivery.. Si Daddy Jun 6months na si Fei nung umuwi. He left us, I'm just 2 months pregnant.

    Hirap noh?! But now we both can say:
    "We Survive!" :-)

  2. Happy anniversary!!!you too are really in love with each other.nakakainspire teh!hehe. very cute gif!


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