June 12, 2011

Perfect 10


Today we celebrate Travis 10 month birth-day. After his Yaya Angel  left us exactly 10 days ago, I had lesser time to get online, read books but the good side of it is I get to play with Travis all day long, watch cartoons and be a kid again, the only time I'm not that close to him is when I need a trip to the bathroom. If there's one thing I'm afraid that I can't do (that Yaya Angel is so good at) is to dance Travis to sleep. But two days before she left, there was something pretty unusual, Travis can sleep on his own. Now that maybe a sign that I need to let go of Yaya Angel and just accept it an start anew. 

Since today is a Sunday, we're off to Crossroad 77 for Sunday Service. This time I get to sit in at Sonshine Street ( Children Ministry ) I was all smiles when I see lots of kids, oh I love them all! And my little Travis met  Kuya Ethan, the boy with so much energy. They're dancing, singing, play and color. I think I wanna be a kid again. 

Since Travis is 10 months, and all the rest were 2-4 years old, he opted to (just) sit on my lap, he's so amazed seeing kids, or maybe he's thinking of ideas of how he will be when he's in their age - full of energy. Yay! 
Here's him while everyone's dancing and singing.. He's praying(left photo) and clapping(right photo)

And he's enjoying it. Teacher Mahlyn told Travis he can join them next time. (Momma-clap) 

And what's next? Eating time. Oh we can't miss this! 
tenten tenten

So far 9 months of pregnancy plus 10 months of Travis-mania, I'm embracing the challenges, I cried, but I laugh more. I am truly blessed for having greatest friends, supportive family  and you, yes you who took time to read my blog, and of course one perfect-10 Husband (the wife's speaking here).

Everyday, I am ten-ful (well, 10 being the highest!) and Thankful! 


  1. Awww.. Yaya Angel left Travis? :(
    Anyway, you can do it Mommy Mhy!! Go go go!

  2. great post, sarah. you write with a good voice. BTW, my kid inigo has the same exact shirt :)


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