November 16, 2009

Us at Mothercare

I remember the first time I was here was when Shyan (my turning-2yrs old nephew) was just 5 days old :)
Last Saturday, Me and Jason was there to buy some shirts and diaper stacker for Baby Gab, aside from the blue baby bath tub, no occasion at all, but we just both love shopping for babies and kids..

If we go shopping, we don't just buy for ourselves, we end up buying for our neices and nephews..

And when our time comes to have our own, we'll shop even more, not for us but for them :)

Let me share some cutesies:
Cute Dresses for Busy Babies..
Santa Baby :)
Clothes and more cute clothes..
Cutesies sleepwear
And look at Jason..
Flipping pages on Strollers and Carriers?
And that made me laugh
made my weekend..

You can visit their international website:

There's so many things to smile about, right?
Might be big or small, still made you smile..

Have a blessed week.
I miss blogging..


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