November 4, 2009

On Glossy Papers

Photography grows from film to digital phase.. So fast, that we get to enjoy and see the actual taken pictures using a digital camera.. With film you are obliged to print it out so you can see them, right? But with digital cameras, just smile and click and there goes your photo on the camera's screen, amazing invention, right?

Way back, when it was Dad who always take pictures, We'll tease him that 36 shots roll of film will take up tp 3-6 months before it goes to a photoshop and get printed.. When digital cameras was born, and we had one, his cameras were just settled on that old, ragged drawer, I was the only one in the family who got interested with photography, maybe because I had Photography 101 and 102 when I was in college.. Or maybe I want to learn more of it..

Jason once asked, "Why don't we have any pictures in your room?"
I smiled and realized and asked myself too.. My bad.. :(

So just last week, And I can't believe it, I printed almost a thousand of our pictures, just our pictures ha, it doesnt included pictures with our friends and relatives..
Just plain US and our lakwatsa

Let me share some:

This was the first of the 3 batch.. Count: 225

Our first *official* picture ever, and our ulti-fave :) Taken: June 15, 2007
(Payat pa kami nyan.. Haha)
The left picture was vectorized.

Jason wearing Ate Grace's wig and my green duster..
And that's Bokbok (our 1yr old motorcycle)
We really put names on everything..

Our Bora Trip
Celebrating our 2nd year together..

Me and Aaron (Jason's nephew)

The kiddie version of us..
And going for a facial treatment :) Yay!

And these 3 albums (holds 200 pictures) is not enough.

Everytime we got, I always bring Bubuy and Philon (if I can) along.. To capture everything on shots, of course.. And what I learned, every after an event/lakwatsa, I should go out the next day to have it printed..

Have your photos printed too, though time will surpass them but the memories stays..

And oh, I bought digital photo frame too, so I can share pictures instantly..

Have a blessed day beautiful people..!


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