November 27, 2009

We're Just KID-ding..

I am this excited when I started writing an entry for these two cuties..

(Little) Lady first..
Here is Andrea Kristina O. Alconcel
Jason's niece at 3 years old
So kikay and all

We last saw her at a birthday party, Aug2008. While the most recent was three weeks ago at a dinner with Jason's family..
When I asked her, "Andrea, how old are you?"
She answered, "I.. Am.. Three.. Years.. Old.." (answering so-slow like in a kid's pageant) followed by "You?"
"I am twenty-one years older than you.."
She then said, "Ah okay.."

She thinks ahead of her age..
When she got near our house phone, she talks and talks as if her Daddy was on the other line.. Saying. "Hello Daddy, andito na kami, San ka na? Ingat ka ha. Love you.."

Hahaha, she might got that from her Mom - Lovely..

More of Andrea here:


Time for the (Little) gentleman..
He is Shyan Carl M. Intud
Sarah's nephew, born December 31, 2007 at 9:51pm. Imagine. When everyone was waiting for the New Year, Kuya Ryan and his family were at the hospital waiting for Shyan..

This year he's turning two with all the features of a big boy..
Today he loves the camera, he knows how to smile and play with it. He knows how to operate his Mom's iPhone, push the button so the light would turn on, he'll put it in his ears as if he's talking to someone.

He likes to eat, as his Mom said he can eat one burger McDo and two pieces of Polvoron all in one seat. And he knows how to say, "Wow, ap" (Wow, sarap! to describe the food)


Though Jason and I seldom see Andrea and Shyan, we think of them everytime we see kids play around malls and parks then we smile, we wish we're kids again, we play, get scolded, tantrum if we wont get what we asked at the toy store..

It makes us smile when we see some of our traits in them.

We pray they stay healthy, God-fearing, reponsible as they grow. They're are blessed having their parents around as well as their parents having them to share their life with.

Want to see how other kids strut their uniqueness and cuteness?
Visit some page from
I didnt post the video directly


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