November 1, 2009

November 1st musings..

Slept at 2:46am (Nov 1) realizing that we should be on the road by 9am, so by lunch time we'll make it to the cemetery (Samal, Bataan).. And I blame Cafe World at Facebook for that. (LOL)

This day marks another *get-together* in the clan, years before, if my memory serves me right, we always celebrate November 1st just like January 1st, the New Year.. As in jam-packed..
But now, we're less and lesser, that makes me sad, actually..

Dad always tells us, "Paano pag wala na kami, dadalawin nyo pa ba kami dito?"
My Uncle owns the Memorial Garden, where my Grandparents (Mother's side) and Grandmother (Father's side) rest.. So that means, we have assured lots on the said..
I always answer, "Yes Dad. We'll always do..

Dad and Uncle

So that's one, November 1st is not really to *worry* about, but for many of us, its another way of reminiscing those memories they left us..

Second, I have so many plans this month, one of which is travelling, me and boyfie have some small trips whenever our free scheds meet, but I want something *different*, a new travel experience, something that would make my last days of being 24 more meaningful than ever.. I want to go extremes but I'm not good at organizing myself. Help now.. :(

Third, I miss green and peace.

And fourth.. Here:
Yes, I'm feeling it.. Or maybe its just because of Typhoon Santi's effect..
But the cold wind makes me smell Christmas scent..

Now I'm feeling the emptiness of no one to share this thoughts with..
No Jason, he's in Vigan ulet..
No sister :(
No nearest cousin/neice to chica this

I'm soooo thankful the jologs society is here.. Need hugs, please..

Have a great week beautiful people..
Will find reason to smile and laugh about..
God speed..


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