December 9, 2009


Last week of November, my pre-birthday celebration, I'm with my family and boyfie at a private pool at Laguna, where it was also a long weekend, so I decided to savour the moment..

It was December 1, 2009, when my Tito Miguel passed away..
I can't think of any celebration at all

December 3, my 25th birthday.. Where we had simple lunch at the office and dinner with boyfie..

Then December 4, we we're at Bataan to spend time with Tito Miguel and his family...

The week that was..
Tiring, sad, grieving and thankful at the same time..

A super-dooper-fast update..

And here is what Jason and I do for the past days - Christmas s/hopping.. Haha! :)

Missing you all..
I promise to update and blog you all about our days - soon!

God bless!


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