December 23, 2009


Before we finally say our goodbye to one blessed year 2009..
Me and Jason want to thank everyone who've been part of our blogosphere..

My JOLOGS SOCIETY friends, Ate Joanne, Denise, Abhie, Ibyang, Leona, Tintin, Janis and those I haven't met/added yet, who've been there in every way.. For you all, I gain strength and awakened my womanhood inside :) I never thought I would find SISTERS in all of you.. Thank you for parting your knowledge, everyday life, good or bad.. Because in those little ways you helped me in big time. I am more than thankful to know you all.

My BESTFRIEND Sofie :) who've been there always even if we seldom see each other..

To my BEKS, Mikai and Iza, who works hard kahit medyo we skipped our beach-capades - Miss it na :(

To Ram and Kiko, whom I haven't met but we had *that* connection, I'm not an Ilocano, Jason is, pero kami yata ang nag-click. Hahaha..

To our avid fan, Jheny, sana hindi ka mag-sawa.. Hahaha :)

To our best travel agent turned friend, Anj of, who assisted us on our way to Boracay last June 2009 :) and soon on Feb 2010 at Subic's Hot Air Balloon..

And to everyone, thank you.

These past few weeks, I've been super busy, hosting a Christmas Party, buying and wrapping gifts, setting up our menu for Noche Buena - I'm pretty excited for this good end..

Here's our little Christmas Tree and gifts underneath.

and after all the busy-ness in me, here is what saves my *everyday*

For now..

See you all next year!


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