May 11, 2011

Be Cool


I was trying to make a blog entry for an event Travis and I have been to last weekend, but due to whatever it is, I deleted everything after I pasted a photo link. So I ended up seeing this photo, and I smiled, said to myself I can do it again, not today, I'll try again later if not again I'll try it tomorrow and the day after. Am learning the virtue of patience, I really am.  I may had a bad day yesterday but thanks to my loves Leona and bestfriend Sofie for an afternoon talk and eat and eat and eat, my day is saved, not to mention watching Thor in IMAX 3D! Just that I really miss my movie buddy.

Now I don't know if I'm happy that blogger have an save-now option. 
But hey, I still have half of the day, I can still blog, right? Then, please be nice.


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