April 4, 2012

On Potty Training

Every day, I wake up at 7am, off to work at 8am after an hour we'll reach workplace. That's the only time I get to think about everything not work related. (and yes, sorry for lack of post, busy bee here). One 1-hour-travel-to-work, I thought of when is the real great time for Travis to start on his potty training, as I read, there's no such exact age for potty training, we as Mom / parents should feel if our child is ready. 

I remember one morning, he didn't go far from our bed to do his poop ritual, he just then ask his Daddy to open the door and says "pu-pu". The Husband and I looked at each other, amazed, right then I told him I think we're ready to potty train him. Until now, I'm in search of one great potty trainer, no one needs expensive even complicated one (I saw one with music with it, huh?!) I think a potty trainer with Buzz Lightyear would be great, err best! 

We'll see. 


  1. as long as he is comfortable... it would be okay :D

    i remember we used a potty seat that you can attach directly to the bowl... so that eventually, we don't have to retrain him again :)

    have fun in potty training!

    1. That's a better idea than buying something like what I posted. Thank you Mommy Chris! :)


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