August 21, 2011

He Loves Oranges



Two days after his birthday celebration, our Travis had colds, some say it's his party's hangover, some say probably because of his Tarzan costume he wore earlier that day for a pictorial -- for whatever reason he got colds - I need to do something about it. So aside from his usual vitamins, he had oranges everyday, good thing he loved it. Tell you, I myself doesn't like fruits but I told Travis (though he might not understand it yet, now) I want him to know fruits are just one of the best thing in this world. 

Now, he's getting better. From his last check up, 5 days ago, his Pedia says he got bronchitis and have to undergo medication for almost 8 days to 2 weeks. He just met Nilo, the nebulizer, if and ever this bronchitis comes back after 3 months, then he might have asthma, forgive me but I don't know anything about asthma, good thing the Husband knows how to operate Nilo and what to do and what-not. Thank God for Husbands who's on-hand with their babies. He's my orange now. 

Hey, don't forget to eat some oranges. Trust me. You'll smile to it's sweetness! Have a great week ahead!  


  1. cutie Travis! Quinton loves oranges too!haha

  2. Hope he gets better. Two of my sisters have asthma. It's can be a bit scary at times. But good thing about asthma is it can be cured before a child reaches 7 years old. Just have pets at home so their immunity can adopt to them.

  3. Hello. Just looking at different blogs and came across yours. I think your site is pretty cool. Followed. Would you like to come check out my blog? :)

  4. he's just so adorable!! i can't wait to meet u both!! xx..:) take care... aha i'll bring him lots and lots of oranges!! :D


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