February 18, 2014

Took Me Away

It was that Valentine weekend, then the Husband decided to take us to the beach. And let me share to you some snapshots I took over at our mini getaway at a not so far beach paradise. 

We arrived just in time. 

Sssshhh, he likes imitating my Dad. 

Friendly staff, cozy place and this amah-zhing view for a weekend wasn't enough but we all did enjoy our simple and quick getaway.  

We we're assisted to our Casitas where will stay. Handed us some bread crumbs for the fishes. Look how Travis and Jason enjoyed watching them eat and swim, while I enjoy taking photos of them. 

After our short nap, Travis says he wants play in the sand, and so we did.

Whenever it's a saturday, he always ask when are we going to the beach, so that saturday when we said yes, he gave us a hug, a kiss and said thank you. It's like giving him a prize eh. He loves to play in the sand and swim in the pool. Too bad it's just for one night, we promised we'll come back and we'll stay a little longer. If only Boracay is just as near as Subic or Bataan or Batangas, probably we'll spend our weekend there. 

Oh, did I mention where is this not so far beach paradise, it's at Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa in not so far Subic. Overall, our stay was perfect, from our Casitas, food, infinity pool, the beach is okay, grayish sand with beach rocks and sea shells around, so bring your aqua/beach shoe. 


Thanks for your time


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