June 3, 2010

Baby Stuff Makes Me Smile..

I'm already on my 30th week, and my tummy getting heavier as my due dates comes.. Honestly I am excited and nervous about me giving birth, imagine last year it was just about me, myself and Jason and my family that I always think about, where to go on a vacation, where to eat, whats the latest fad, surfing the net entirely the whole day, sipping a Venti Chocolate Cream Chip at Starbucks, eating ice cream whenever I want, drinking ice-cold Sarsi Soda until I burp out loud.. I miss those, but to think that now I am taking care of a new life in my womb, its a different story - though it means sacrifice, I know its worth it. I temporarily said goodbye to "unhealthy" stuffs just for now, I know 9 months can be that fast, so a little sacrifice won't hurt, but it would help me and my baby..

My due date would be August 7, 2010. More or less 10 weeks from now, and yes its the rainy season in the Philippines. As they say, my baby would use diaper/s more often so I should stock up on those, then I thought of my baby shower, which until now I can't decide when will it be.. But these things excites me - being the star of an event, it isnt my birthday or even my wedding but its me whose the "Mom-to-be" I love thinking the thought of it.

Moving on, as I and Jason prepares for our baby's arrival, I must confess I was the one who wants to buy everything on my baby's list in just one day, from crib to stroller to baby carrier, clothes, mittens and booties.. Good thing my husband knows how to plan everything, the expenses, the convenience, etc. So we take it step by step..

In my work, I get my paycheck every 7 days, so that's money every week.. LOL.. It may be hard to budget that because the idea is that you can have money after 7 days again.. But not to me, I live by the equation: Pay (minus) - savings (on two bank accounts) = extra money. And I'm successful in that way, I get to buy stuffs that I need, and I want as well as my husbands too.. If we have extra from the extra money, we get to treat our nieces and nephews or buy small gifts for each other.. Truly everyone is blessed, you just have to know how to take care of it.

Now that 10 weeks isn't near neither far, we're halfway done with our baby-must-haves shopping.. And last night I started putting baby stuffs on the closet.. And whenever I look at them, I smile, husbands excited too. Here are some of the baby's stuff thats so cuuuuuute..


Animal printed sweat towels..

And I'm in love with whites, whites and whites :) Am thinking of buying more whites..

And his carrier and wheels :)

Daddy's choice: Dexbaby Secure Sleeper
Kuya Shyan's gift: Fisher Price Soothe 'n Play Bouncer

Baby got these too.. Cool shirts and the shoooooe!
I hanged them up with our clothes, look, right there in the middle..

Don't worry baby, Daddee promised he'll make a space just for your clothes.. This is just tempo.. Hahaha :)

For now, I just cant wait for the baby's crib.. :)


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