November 1, 2010


When I was in high school, I remember, I always brag about the idea that I and my family have tons of pictures (and yes, some sepia, some black and white) My Dad started liking photography when he was studying at UST, with the scenic view and friends who shares the same hobby. Wanna see some of his baul collections? Here are some. One of these were used in our photography class, almost all of my classmate used it and I'm proud of it. After which I heard about Digital SLRs and got my first DSLR named Philon, two years ago. :) Dad and I loves Nikon, but I wanna try Canon too, wish!

And now with the birth of digitalization of almost everything - Oh, technology! Here comes photo studios.. You can't blame me if I let Travis have his photo shoot at The Picture Company, SM Annex Branch.. With membership, Travis, I and who-wants-to-join-in-the-fun-photoshoot can have unlimited photo session, unlimited is unlimited. Membership is at P2,500, good for one year, unlimited photo session (you should tag us along! haha) and more details here.

I'm happy that the Husband is happy whenever he sees pictures of his mini-me everytime he checks his FB account.. That's why aside from his everyday pictures using Bubuy (Canon D10) he got his monthly photo shoot (that's the most I can do so he can see Travis).. And two more..

And everything was easy, fun and fast.. Until next photo shoot!


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