September 20, 2010

My Best Friend is Getting Married

And I'm excited. 60 days more from today until her wedding day.

One perfect couple. I witnessed how their relationship was and I say its an inspiration to me. They may have up and downs in the 12 years of relationship (and more), but I salute them for the faith, hope and love for each other. It is a fairytale story with a (very) happy ending.

Now, I can stop telling her about marriage life but not on having a baby. I know you will have your own - soon. I bet Travis would love to have a playmate. Haha.

To my bes Sofie, this is it! I'm grateful to be in your wedding and being a part of it is a blessing. Thank you for entrusting me to be your Matron of Honor. And remember that even in your married life, you can run to me and I'll be the same "Mylene" you've known for eight years. I love you bes. Hugs.

I won't take this too long, cause I may run out of words for my speech on your wedding day. Haha.


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